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As a Pediatrician, a Muslim, and a Mother: Speaking Out for Health-Care Reform

As representatives from many different faiths, we stand together today, united in our support for health-care reform so that affordable, quality health care can be made available to all.
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Nazis, Commies, and Manicheans in the Health-Care Debate

I remember playing WWII as a boy. We would pick sides of American and Nazis. Of course, everyone wanted be the Americans, the good guys.
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Criteria for Spiritual Leadership: Content of Character

Does it seem curious to you that when the issue of leadership in the church is discussed, gender is frequently cited as a primary element to consider?
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Health-Care Debate Requires the Wisdom of Solomon

Thomas Friedman, learning from an experience on safari in Botswana, gets it right in his
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Video: Bill McKibben on The Colbert Report

Earlier this week, environmental activist (and Sojourners columnist
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A (Nonviolent) Gun-Toting Witness for Health Care Reform

I'm Ready to Water the Tree of Liberty with Healthcare Reform Now.

"I'm Ready to Water the Tree of Liberty with Healthcare Reform Now."

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The Moral Core of the Health-Care Debate

With all of the shouting, the fear, and now what often looks like hatred -- we are in danger of losing the moral "core" of this health-care debate.
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