The Common Good

Verse And Voice

Voice of the Day: Ripple on Jesus

No one left Jesus less than they were when they came to him. He spoke plainly and directly, but never destructively. Those who could hear Jesus' message left him with a greater love for themselves, with a clearer sense of direction for their lives, and with a renewed awareness of God's unfailing love. Those who could not hear the message left him angry and resentful yet confronted with the truth of their lives.

- Paula Ripple
Called to Be Friends

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Verse of the Day: Two Masters

No one can serve two masters; for a slave will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.

Matthew 6:24

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Voice of the Day: 'I will give them an everlasting name'

Do not let the foreigner joined to the Lord say,
"The Lord will surely separate me from his people";
and do not let the eunuch say,
"I am just a dry tree."
For thus says the Lord:
To the eunuchs who keep my sabbaths,
who choose the things that please me
and hold fast my covenant,
I will give, in my house and within my walls,
a monument and a name
better than sons and daughters;
I will give them an everlasting name
that shall not be cut off.

- Isaiah 56:3-5

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Voice of the Day: The Gnawing In Our Guts

Most of us have to taste our need in a fierce sort of way before our hungers jar us into turning our lives over to God.... In the Divine Arms we become less demanding and more like the One who holds us. Then we experience new hungers. We hunger and thirst for justice, for goodness and holiness. We hunger for what is right. We hunger to be saints. Most of us are not nearly hungry enough for the things that really matter. That's why it is so good for us to feel a gnawing in our guts.

- [...]

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Verse of the Day: A Garland of Glory

In that day the Lord of hosts will be a garland of glory,
and a diadem of beauty, to the remnant of his people;
and a spirit of justice to the one who sits in judgment,
and strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate.

- Isaiah 28:5-6

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Voice of the Day: Green on Praying

The art of praying, as we grow, is really the art of learning to waste time gracefully-to be simply the clay in the hands of the potter. This may sound easy-too easy to be true-but it is really the most difficult thing we ever learn to do.... This is the real reason why so few of us ever come, in this life, to the full experience of God's love for us.

- Thomas H. Green
When the Well Runs Dry

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Voice of the Day: When We Fast

Inherent in a fast is a feast. When we fast from food, we feast on prayer and God's bountiful love. When we fast from divisive patterns of relating with others, we feast on the amazing awareness that each face we see is the face of Christ. When we fast from building social, economic, and political walls, we feast on our universal oneness with the One.

- Marilyn Brown Oden
Wilderness Wanderings

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Verse of the Day: The Highest Official

If you see in a province the oppression of the poor and the violation of justice and right, do not be amazed at the matter; for the high official is watched by a higher, and there are yet higher ones over them.

- Ecclesiastes 5:8-8

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Voice of the Day: On Fasting

There is no need to push yourself to heroic effort where fasting is concerned. If you feel tempted to do so, take a hard look at your motives.... "More" is not necessarily "better" in this matter. Perhaps you are called just to be faithful in the humble practice of a short fast once a week. Do not underestimate what God can accomplish in you through the consistent offering of such a discipline.

- Marjorie J. Thompson
Soul Feast

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Verse of the Day: The Kingdom of Heaven

"But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you lock people out of the kingdom of heaven. For you do not go in yourselves, and when others are going in, you stop them. Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you cross sea and land to make a single convert, and you make the new convert twice as much a child of hell as yourselves.

- Matthew 23:13-15

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