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Pandora Refuses to Run* Hate Ads After Immigration Reform Supporters Protest

FAIR’s recent ad campaigns have attempted to whip up fear and hatred for immigrants by claiming that they will steal jobs from working Americans. This kind of thinking has been debunked numerous times – immigrants contribute to the economy and help start small businesses.

Pandora radio has 70 million users listening 1.31 billion hours each month. That’s a lot of people who were hearing ads based on fear rather than facts.

Along with other groups, Sojourners contacted Pandora and asked them to stop playing these ads. We understand that everyone has the right to say what they want – free speech – but we’re glad that civil society and consumers can put pressure on companies to limit the amount of harmful speech we hear every day.

Pandora has ended the relationship* after reviewing FAIR’s record. Thousands of Sojourners readers signed a petition asking them not to accept hateful ads in the future, and donated to help Sojourners run ads with positive messages highlighting the contributions immigrants make to our communities and their inherent dignity as human beings created in God’s image.

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The Best in Christian Press

Celebrating the best in Christian press for the past year, the Associated Church Press (ACP) recently honored Sojourners with 17 awards, including Best in Class for Sojourners magazine and Best in Class for the God's Politics blog!

Sojourners magazine also received 16 record-setting awards from the Evangelical Press Association (EPA) earlier this month.

We are grateful to all of YOU for being such enthusiastic readers, responders, and sharers of the work we do! Check out the following award-winning blog and magazine articles.

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Interfaith Prayer Vigil to Reduce Gun Violence

Sojourners is joining with PICO Network to host an interfaith prayer vigil in Washington, DC, this Thursday, April 11th at 11:30 a.m.

A display of more than 3,200 wooden crosses and other religious symbols will be the backdrop of this event, symbolizing those who have lost their lives to gun violence in the United States since Newtown.

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This Thanksgiving, Sojourners is Thankful for You

This Thanksgiving, we at Sojourners are thankful for each of you — for your activism, your readership, your donations, your prayers. We could not do any of this work without your support. So today, we’d like to highlight just a few of the ways your participation and contributions have helped affect real change in Washington, across the country in your communities, and truly worldwide.

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Your Message of Love in the D.C. Metro

As the new Development Assistant here at Sojourners, I’ve already been deeply moved by the generosity of those who support our work financially. In just the last few months I’ve witnessed an incredible outpouring of support around issues at the heart of our mission. 

In the midst of the season’s partisan squabble, our donors have taken a clear stand for truth.
Because of you, the Development Team is excited to breathe new life into our Gratitude blog, dedicated to those who support the work we do.
Gratitude is a blog for our oldest partners and newest friends. We want to show you where your investment is going, and what it’s doing in the name of peace and justice. This is just one of the ways we say “thank you” for supporting the work we do.
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Because of you... 2011 has been a great year!

This Thanksgiving, we’re so thankful to call you a Sojourner. You -- our activists, readers, and supporters -- are a vital part of this movement!

Here's a quick wrap-up of all that you were a part of this year!

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Welcome to the Gratitude Blog!

We in the Development department at Sojourners are so excited to roll out our brand new Gratitude blog, a space where we can share our successes with you and give thanks for your gifts that make our work possible.

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