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Reconciliation: Will I Know It When I See It?

Tiger & Elin. Jon & Kate. Deadly Viper and some angry Asian Americans.
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War is Ugly, God is Good: What I Learned from the Truth Commission on Conscience in War

I can't imagine a better way to lament the 7th anniversary of the war in Iraq than by spending it with Iraq veterans who are horrified by the war and courageously speaking out against it
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Circling Jericho in Zimbabwe?

There seems to be a consistent political pattern emerging in Zimbabwe: first, there will be a violation of the unity agreement by ZANU (PF), followed by challenge by opposition parties with threat
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Photos: Rally for Immigration Reform -- Change Takes Courage and Faith

Here are some of my favorite shots from yesterday's massive immigration rally on the National Mall.


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Health Care: Swiss Solidarity and the Scandalous 5%

Whew. The health-care bill passed. It isn't the complete overhaul we need, but at least it's a start.
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Logging On Differently for Lent

Our experience of the world is increasingly mediated through intricate matrices of Internet networks.
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A Grassroots Victory for Immigration Activists

On Tuesday, February 23, a small battle was won in small-town Virginia. It was not won in a field with weapons but in a council room with words.
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Why Are There So Few Solo Women Church Planters?

Church planting is its own weird thing. It takes a certain personality to think you might, just might, be able to (with tons of help from God) start a church from scratch.
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