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Report from Haiti: Poverty and the Earthquake Collided

We landed in Haiti about five hours ago. It has been approximately a week after the major earthquake struck this country.
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'Who Cares?' -- A Visual Guide to Americans' Charitable Giving

This is a fascinating graph and analysis of "giving" from Mint. If you haven't seen it, take a few moments to study. Would love to read your thoughts and observations.
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Health-Care Magic

While talking with George Stephanopolous on Good Morning America yesterday, Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele neatly summarized th
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Now is the Time for Congressional Courage on Health-Care Reform

The people of Massachusetts already have near universal health care. Too many of the rest of us do not.
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Immigration: Drama and First Drafts

"Why do you have to be so dramatic?" I thought as I rolled my eyes.
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Who Would Jesus Shoot? Military Contractor Puts Bible References on Gunsights

In case you haven't already seen this, it's been discovered that gunsights on weapons used by British and American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are inscribed with coded biblical references, including:
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