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Friday Links Round Up: John Perkins, Laughter Yoga, a New Planet

John Perkins. Laughter yoga. A new planet. Here's a little round up of links from around the web you may have missed this week:
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What Do Glenn Beck and Alan Grayson Have in Common?

Here's a logic lesson for you: Both Beck and Grayson use the argument "If A is a B, and A is also a C, then all Bs are Cs." And they shouldn't use this kind of argument.
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What's Next for the Gulf?

This past Tuesday, five months and 5 million barrels of oil after the BP spill disaster began to devastate the eco- and economic systems of the Gulf Coast, the Obama administration launched the nex
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Is He a Christian, a Muslim, or a Cactus? Why Can't We Just Believe President Obama?

I received a letter this week from the White House. A big fat packet. Ain't I special?
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The Church Must Retain a Prophetic Voice

We have all heard the old saying that Satan's greatest ploy is to get people to stop believing in him.
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The latest news on Emamuel Leaves Chief of Staff, Immigration, Stimulus, Foreclosures Slowing, Health Insurance, Offshore Drilling, Preview, Nuclear Disarmament, Pakistan, Iran Sanctions, Israel-Palestine Talks, Afghanistan, UK-Sudan Trade, Global Unemplo

Burma to Free Suu Kyi. Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese pro-democracy leader, is set to be released just days after Myanmar's upcoming election, government officials have said.

Congress Goes Home. It was a wild finish on Capitol Hill just after midnight Thursday as lawmakers approved a stopgap spending measure, authorized NASA space programs and, for the first time in several years, managed to adopt the annual intelligence policy bill. Then, they raced home to preserve their own jobs.

Ecuador. Ecuador's military staged a spectacular rescue Thursday night to free President Rafael Correa, who'd been holed up in a hospital for more than 12 hours by a police uprising that threatened the nation's stability.

Quote of the day. "I don't think there's any question that we're going to have a greater number of these cases and that these cases are going to reach (suspects from) more parts of the world. It's something we have to do. We owe it to our citizens and we owe it to the world." U.S. Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, of the Justice Department’s Human Rights and Special Prosecutions unit on why tracking down war criminals and human rights abusers is important. (USA Today)

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Beck, Nazis, and Civil Dialogue

Glenn Beck can do better. Fox News can do better. When it comes to upholding truth and having civil dialogues, let's be honest, we all can do better.
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Securing Soldiers' Rights to Selective Conscientious Objection

Last March I testified at the Truth Commission on Conscience in War (TCCW) at the Riverside Church in New York City.
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Americans Deeply Ignorant About Religion

"The person whose writings and actions inspired the Protestant Reformation was Martin Luther, Thomas Aquinas or John Wesley?" Less than half (46 percent) of Americans know the answer is Luther, and
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The Affordable Care Act at Six Months: What's Next for People of Faith?

Last week was a-buzz about the six-month anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. And rightfully so.
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