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Standing (Online) With Immigrants

This Sunday, March 21, we invite you to join with us and thousands of other people of faith from around the country, and with tens of thousands of other Americans, at March for America: Change Takes Courage and Faith.
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A Major Victory for the Peace Movement Down Under

Through tears I write this post as breaking news of the Waihopai Plowshares activists have been found by a New Zealand jury "NOT GUILTY!"
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Video: Phone Calls from Papi

Linzi, a U.S. citizen, fell in love with Domingo, a Mexican immigrant, when she was 13 years old. They were married in 2006. They have three daughters together.
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The Family Research Council, Wolves, and Shepherds' Clothing

In a recent Family Research Council e-mail, in an article titled, "Rev. Wallis: Wolf in Shepard's [sic] Clothing?" Tony Perkins aligned himself with Fox News commentator Glenn Beck's recent attacks. Perkins said:
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Love Glenn Beck as You Would Love Yourself

I haven't heard Glenn Beck's call to "run away" from churches that teach social justice.
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N.T. Wright on Social Justice and the Gospel

N.T. Wright, Bishop of Durham and New Testament theologian, is probably one of the best at articulating a theology that the brings together kingdom of God and social justice understanding.
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