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Half-Handed Cloud Audio Interview and Free Song Download

There are several factoids about John Ringhofer that elicit fandom, and none of them have anything to do with his music:

  1. He still uses a CD walkman
  2. He lives rent-free in a church in Berkeley, California, where he serves as the custodian.
  3. He often attends two to three church services a Sunday because he loves the art of sermonizing.
  4. He is a nice guy.
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Whip It: What a Girl Power Movie Should Be

This is what a girl power movie should be. I went to see Whip It because it looked fun and was a totally Austin film (there's something fun about sitting in the Alamo Drafthouse watching a movie where the characters go to the Drafthouse
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Chris Rock's 'Good Hair': A Humorous Deconstruction of Stubborn Beauty Standards

One of the big conversations in my household this year has revolved around the question of whether my 9-year-old daughter is ready to get her hair "permed." Some girls at her school have already been initiated into the world of relaxed hair, so the peer pressure is in effect.
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'Faith for People Who Don't Like Religion': Interview with Frank Schaeffer

In my ongoing quest to find a third way between the extremes espoused by the Religious Right and their secular counterparts, I came across the Frank Schaeffer's latest book
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Dan Brown's Lost Symbol and the Lure of Secret Knowledge

Dan Brown, the author of The Da Vinci Code and of Angels and Demons, has a new book out
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War as Seen by Those Trapped Inside It

When covering film festivals, I find I have to be careful not to see too many war-themed flicks in rapid succession.
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David vs. Oil-iath

I just saw a really good movie in which an overweight, pasty-looking guy makes outrageous statements related to capitalism.
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Argentinian singer Mercedes Sosa died yesterday. I don't know much about her life, so you can join me in reading her Wikipedia entry. But what I do know is that she's one of the best-known performers of Leon Gieco's heart-rending anti-war song, "Sólo le Pido a Dios."
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The Coen Brothers Get 'Serious'

Recenly, I had a bad day. Epically bad. I ran out of cash. I lost my credit card. I missed my flight.
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