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The Top 10 Stories of June 3, 2013

 Quote of the day.

"He's mostly going to be remembered as somebody who tried to help save lives. He died doing what he loved and literally put his life on the line to save others." 

Jim Samaras, whose brother Tim, a leading “storm chaser” who had researched tornadoes by placing instruments in their path, was killed by a tornado Friday in Oklahoma. (Reuters)

1. In Congress, legislation and scandals vie for attention. Lawmakers will return to the Capitol on Monday from a weeklong recess, facing a critical juncture on immigration legislation and controversies at the Internal Revenue Service and the Justice Department that will test Congress’s ability to balance its twin responsibilities of legislating and investigating. (New York Times)  

2. Immigration reform deal hangs on border security. The Gang of Eight’s hopes for a Senate supermajority is running into the GOP’s push for a dramatic crackdown on border security — testing the limits of the bipartisan coalition that’s propelling the bill through Congress. (Politico)

3. Women in the Senate confront the military on sex assaults. The growing presence of women senators is most pronounced on the Armed Services Committee, where they have forced the long-simmering issue of sexual assault in the military to the forefront. (New York Times)  

4. Manning court martial trial starts Monday. Amid secrecy and spectacle, the long-awaited court-martial trial of WikiLeaks linchpin Bradley E. Manning starts Monday. (McClatchy News)  

5. Republican divisions over Medicaid expansion deepen further. Republican fissures over the expansion of Medicaid, a critical piece of the 2010 health-care law designed to provide coverage to millions of uninsured Americans, continue to deepen, with battles in Arizona and elsewhere showing just how bitter the divisions have become. (Washington Post)  

6. Obama can sign UN arms treaty on Monday, but advocates worry he’ll stall. President Obama is hesitant to sign an international arms trade treaty opposed by the National Rifle Association, according to advocates for the pact. Meetings with administration officials have them worried the White House doesn''t want to expend any more political capital on a treaty the NRA insists is a gun grab by the United Nations. (The Hill)

7. Protests in Turkey reveal a larger fight over identity. In full public view, a long struggle over urban spaces is erupting as a broader fight over Turkish identity, where difficult issues of religion, social class and politics intersect. (New York Times)  

8. Syrian rebels and Hezbollah clash. A number of people are killed in rare clashes on Lebanese soil between Syrian rebels and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, say reports. (BBC)  

9. Egypt court rules upper house of parliament elected illegally. Egypt''s supreme constitutional court (SCC) has ruled that the country''s upper house of parliament and constitution-drafting assembly were elected illegally. (Guardian)  

10. Iran talks going round in circles. The U.N. nuclear watchdog chief said on Monday talks with Iran have been "going around in circles" - unusually blunt criticism pointing to rising tension over suspected nuclear arms research by Tehran that has increased fears of a new Middle East war. (Reuters)

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