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Our National Loss of Civility

"You lie!" yelled Representative Joe Wilson during President Obama's recent address before a joint session of Congress.
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Global Warming's Six Americas

Climate Week is upon us, and as world leaders gather at the UN and the G-20 to nibble away at the problem of international cooperation to address the issue, popular American responses seem to veer
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Meat: The Other Greenhouse Gas

I had a phase in college when I thought that perhaps I would become a vegetarian.
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How Women of Faith Fought a Dictator with Nonviolence

To commemorate the International Day of Peace (September 21st), I had the opportunity to attend a screening of the documentary Pray the Devil Bac
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Israel, Gaza, and the Goldstone Report: A Call for Self-Examination During the High Holy Days

During these days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Jews are called on to reexamine our own actions -- our "missings of the mark." The emphasis is on OUR sins -- not those of individuals alone, but of the community -- and the sins of ourselves, not of other people, even our en
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Don't Isolate Gender from the Biblical Big Picture

The gender discussion in the church today is captured succinctly by New Testament scholar Gordon Fee in
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Video: Fake Newspaper Prints Real News on Climate Change

090923-new-york-post-were-screwedOn Monday, millions of people received a "special edition" of The New York Post that told the truth: "We're Screwed." I guess only fake newspapers can print real news.

More than 2,000 volunteers of The Yes Men, a "culture jamming" group, distributed a fake edition of The Post in New York City....

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Seven Steps for Creation Caretaking

What could be more joyful than rediscovering our God-given role as caretakers, stewards, and lovers of creation?
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Flickers of Hope for Zimbabwe

Most of the news coming from Zimbabwe is so discouraging and heartbreaking that it is becoming harder to sustain hope.
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