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A (Nonviolent) Gun-Toting Witness for Health Care Reform

I'm Ready to Water the Tree of Liberty with Healthcare Reform Now.

"I'm Ready to Water the Tree of Liberty with Healthcare Reform Now."

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The Moral Core of the Health-Care Debate

With all of the shouting, the fear, and now what often looks like hatred -- we are in danger of losing the moral "core" of this health-care debate.
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Join Today's National Teleconference on Health-Care Reform with President Obama

Tonight Sojourners, along with 40 other faith groups, will host a national teleconference with President Obama about health care.
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Life, Liberty, Happiness, and Health Care

The Declaration of Independence says:
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An Essential Point in the Health-Care Debate

As debates rage over the proposed health-care reform (which I strongly support), I believe many politicians, activists, religious leaders, and ideologues are missing an essential point.
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New Martyrs in El Salvador

Jamie Moffett, co-founder of The Simple Way and director of The Ordinary Radicals, tra
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Court-martialed for Christian Conscience

There are good men (and certainly at least a few women) who have been slipping through the cracks within our military. Too often service members are not made fully aware of their rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Sgt. Travis Bishop, out of Ft.
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