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A Word from Phoenix: 'I don't want my city to be the Birmingham or Selma in this drama'

On Tuesday, a group of local faith and community leaders, along with Jim Wallis and Noel Castella
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Arizona's Immigration Bill is a Social and Racial Sin

I got up at 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning to fly to Phoenix, Arizona, to speak at a press conference and rally at the State Capitol at the invitation of the state's clergy and other leaders in the immigration reform movement.
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So, Am I a Reductionist?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my blog entitled Will the Real Gospel Please Stand Up? In the post I
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Fight or Die: How to Lose Friends and Irritate People

This video clip by The Work of The People is going to upset a lot of people.


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Evangelicals on the Border: Steps Forward and Back for Immigrants

From the borderlands perspective, it has been a week of momentous steps both forward and back for immigrants.
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In Honor of Civil Rights Leaders Benjamin Hooks and Dorothy Height

The world is stubborn. It changes its thinking at a glacial pace. People fear change, and they come to hate what they fear. Powerful interests do not want to lose or to share power. The work of social justice, of affecting positive change requires persistent commitment and radical love that gives one the energy to continue the work across decades.
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An Emerging Introspection Round-up

[Read more of this blog conversation in response to the Sojourners article "
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