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Terrorism and 'the Primitive Brain'

Parker Palmer, in a beautiful and important essay called "The Broken-Open Heart: Living with Faith and Hope in the Tragic Gap," speaks of our need to overcome "the primitive brain":
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Not All Racial Comments Are Created Equal

Please God, save us from hyper-partisanship and hyper-media in perpetual election mode selling us a hyperbolic public discourse.
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Bishops Flex Moral Muscle for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

While attention is focused on final negotiations over health-care legislation, Catholic bishops have signaled they will play a leading role in pushing for comprehensive immigration reform this year
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Experiments in Accountability, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation

One day when I was walking along the Hudson River on a crisp winter's day, I caught a glimpse of my reflection.
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Wise Local Living -- Without Leaving

Last year I borrowed a copy of Doug Fine's book
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