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Understanding the Protests in Egypt

The massive anti-government protests that flared in Egypt yesterday, in which
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Education For More Than Global Economic Dominance

"Education is not primarily an industry and its proper use is not to serve industries, either by job-training or by industry-subsidized research." --
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Peace For Me Must Also Mean Peace For My Neighbor

"To win the future" was a catch phrase for President Obama during his State of the Union address Tuesday night.
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Grading Civility: 75 Percent Give the United States a C, D, or F

President Obama spent 4 percent of his State of the Union addressing partisans
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Does the Church Need a Missionary Code of Conduct?

I just recently became aware of a discussion that grew out of the Third Lausanne International Congress on World Evangelism in Cape Town this past October.
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Obama's Global Challenge: Healthy Competition or Unhealthy Nationalism?

Another State of the Union has come and gone. The kingdom of God did not come with it, and the sky did not fall.
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The latest news on Budget Cuts, Republican Response, Congressional Civility, Gabrielle Giffords, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Select Op-Eds.

State of the Union. President Barack Obama’s second State of the Union address Tuesday night put an urgent, unmistakable emphasis on growing the American economy and creating jobs, while also seeking to preserve the more cooperative tone that has prevailed in Washington since the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, an Arizona Democrat.

Financial Crisis Was Avoidable. The 2008 financial crisis was an “avoidable” disaster caused by widespread failures in government regulation, corporate mismanagement and heedless risk-taking by Wall Street, according to the conclusions of a federal inquiry.

U.S. Foreign Policy. As the Obama administration confronts the spectacle of angry protesters and baton-wielding riot police officers from Tunisia to Egypt to Lebanon, it is groping for a plan to deal with an always-vexing region that is now suddenly spinning in dangerous directions.

Quote of the Day. "The challenge for Catholic universities is finding a place for bibles and papal decrees between our telescopes and microscopes.” John H. Garvey, president of the Catholic University of America, at a ceremonial inauguration yesterday. (Washington Post)

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Remembering the Little Bishop Who Roared

Retired Catholic Bishop Samuel Ruíz Garcia, known as the champion of the poor and indigenous in southern Mexico, died January 24 of complications from diabetes. He was 86.
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Encouraging News from South Sudan, Troubling News from Darfur

I have encouraging news from South Sudan, and I have troubling news from Darfur. Let's start with the South:
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Is Evangelical Christianity Having a Great Gay Awakening?

Some of my dearest friends are gay. Most of my dearest friends are Christians. And more than a few of my dearest friends are gay Christians.
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