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A Major Victory for the Peace Movement Down Under

Through tears I write this post as breaking news of the Waihopai Plowshares activists have been found by a New Zealand jury "NOT GUILTY!"
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Video: Phone Calls from Papi

Linzi, a U.S. citizen, fell in love with Domingo, a Mexican immigrant, when she was 13 years old. They were married in 2006. They have three daughters together.
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The Family Research Council, Wolves, and Shepherds' Clothing

In a recent Family Research Council e-mail, in an article titled, "Rev. Wallis: Wolf in Shepard's [sic] Clothing?" Tony Perkins aligned himself with Fox News commentator Glenn Beck's recent attacks. Perkins said:
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Love Glenn Beck as You Would Love Yourself

I haven't heard Glenn Beck's call to "run away" from churches that teach social justice.
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N.T. Wright on Social Justice and the Gospel

N.T. Wright, Bishop of Durham and New Testament theologian, is probably one of the best at articulating a theology that the brings together kingdom of God and social justice understanding.
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