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Leaders Create Alliance to Defend Poor

Piercing through the bitter, partisan bickering regarding the nation's budget, an unprecedented and diverse group of Christian leaders announced today the forming of a Circle of Protection agains
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Violence in the Name of Faith?

I received a question from a reader recently that asked: You write a lot about the plight of the Palestinians.
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Jane Eyre, Sucker Punch, and Feminism

Hollywood is generally fairly reluctant to produce films with strong feminist messages. It is far easier to sell women cast as the sexy sidekick or vapid damsel in distress.
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I know that Jesus is the Answer, But What Does That Mean?

Is the gospel about Jesus rescuing us from hell and transporting us to heaven
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A Reflection on Easter: Beyond Chocolate and New Bedding to the True Gospel

I've often wondered what people in America think when they actually read the story of Jesus rising from the dead for the first time.
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Success in the Immigration Reform Movement After SB 1070

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the signing of SB 1070 in Arizona, the controversial bill that mobilized thousands around
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Ayn Rand, Manichaeism, and Christianity

Ah, the voice of Ayn Rand from St. Petersburg, Russia rises again with the opening of a new movie based on her novel, Atlas Shrugged.
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Raising Up Voices for Indigenous Justice

During my travels connecting with communities as part of an
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Three Cups of Truth on the Greg Mortenson Controversy

I just watched a 60 Minutes expose on Greg Mortenson, co-author of Three Cups of Tea and co-founder of the nonprofit the Central Asia Institute. Watching this news story that accused Mortenson of fabricating key stories in his book, lacking organizational/financial transparency and effectiveness, and receiving "excessive" personal benefits from his organization felt like a punch in the gut, even if it's of the too familiar heroes-come-crashing-down variety.

It must have felt like a punch to many. None of us like to give our hard-earned pennies or dollars or peace prize money to someone who betrays our confidence.

I felt it in my gut, too, because Mortenson and I have a lot in common. We've both published two memoirs about our experiences and work for education in the developing world -- he in Afghanistan, and me in Haiti. We both travel to speak about our work -- albeit he on a much grander, best-selling-er scale than me. Once I stood for half an hour in a book line to talk with him for two minutes and he seemed touchingly humble and friendly.

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