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The Social Network, Immigration, and Imago Dei

I haven't had the energy to sit down in a while to blog. Somewhere between the multiple Google calendars and multiple modes of communication life over-shared with me.
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Obama's Remarks to the Indian Parliament and Just Peace

One goal of just peace theory is to make war obsolete. The idea is to establish justice, in all of its various iterations, so that peace will prevail.
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In the Immigration Debate, the Children Suffer Most

It's hard to ignore the children. As voiceless as children are in our world, when we hear stories of injustice being inflicted on children, it is hard not to be moved.
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This Veterans Day, Honor the Consciences of Our Veterans

Today, on Armistice Day, 18 American military vets will commit suicide.
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This Christmas, Do We Go Local, Fair Trade, or Make Our Own?

Christmas is a month away and Christmas music is already playing, guaranteeing that by the time the season actually arrives, we will be so heartily sick of it that we take no notice -- and in the p
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Pastors: God Calls us to Cross-Cultural Ministry

As we continue to live within the ever-increasing multi-ethnic and multicultural reality, it is more and more obvious that the "black and white" matrix of the American Christian church is outdated.
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