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'Jim Wallis Loves His Enemies' (With a Little Help From His Friends)

When a Fox News pundit who has helped force the resignation of White House advisers is promising he'll be
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Jesus-Focused Conversations in Occupied Bethlehem

I arrived in Bethlehem last Sunday evening to speak at a conference called "Christ at the Checkpoint: Theology in the Service of Peace and Justice." I'm not a theologian or an expert in anything.
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A Flawed Step Forward on Health-Care Reform

We all know how much the media love conflict, and they have fallen in love with the health-care debate. Yesterday's New York Times story on the final House vote expected this weekend simply said, "Showdown Near." That says it all about the gunfight at the O.K.
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We All Share Responsibility for Going to War -- and for Stopping It

A comment on my recent blog about The Hurt Locker really got my blood boiling.
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Jon Stewart: 'How Oscar Romero Got Disappeared by Right-Wingers...for the Second Time'

Jon Stewart has pointed out that one of the revisions of the recent Texas high school curriculum controversy is the omission of Archbishop Oscar
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Immigrants Helping Immigrants

I never doubted that I was a descendant of immigrants. Shortly after World War II, students were asked to fill out forms listing their nationality. For several years, I laboriously spelled out "Norwegian" until a teacher tapped me on the shoulder and told me it was more correct to write "American."
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America's Health Care: Paying More for Poorer Outcomes

Soon, they tell us, Congress will or will not pass a health-care bill. Detractors think universal health care will raise health-care costs, lower health-care outcomes, and dangerously increase the power of the federal government.
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Glenn Beck Promises Week-long Focus on Jim Wallis and His 'Social Justice Nonsense'

Last night, Glenn Beck put a picture of Jim Wallis on his blackboard:


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Pray Immigration Reform Into Passage

On Sunday, a major march for immigration reform will take place in Washington, D.C. Tens of thousands of people will gather to call on the White House to lead, and put forward an immigration reform bill whose time has come.
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