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The Top 10 Stories of June 25, 2012

Quote of the day.
“If the Affordable Care Act is overturned, the rest of the country should take a good look at the situation in Texas, because this is what happens when you keep Medicaid enrollment as low as possible and don’t undertake insurance reforms.” Elena M. Marks, a health policy scholar at Rice University’s James Baker Institute for Public Policy and a former city health official, speaking of the Houston metropolitan area which has one of the highest rates of uninsured people in America, and a health safety net that’s imploding under the demands of too many people and too few resources.
(McClatchy Newspapers)

1. Supreme Court rejects much of Arizona immigration law.
The Supreme Court on Monday rejected much of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, but upheld other provisions, giving a partial victory to the Obama administration.
(Washington Post)

2. A hugely consequential week.
Between health care, immigration, student loans, Fast and Furious and highway funding, this week will be big for Obama.

3. Big deal to stave off cuts is elusive.
Congress agrees on at least this much: The massive spending cuts set to hit the Pentagon next year must be stopped. But preventing them would require something as unfathomable as the cuts themselves: a bipartisan agreement.

4. Rising sea level threatens entire East Coast.
The seas along the East Coast from North Carolina to New England are rising three to four times faster than the global average, and coastal cities, utilities, beaches, and wetlands are increasingly vulnerable to flooding, especially from storm surges, according to the U.S. Geological Survey study published Sunday.
(Boston Globe

5. Jimmy Carter savages U.S. foreign policy over drone strikes.
The former president Jimmy Carter has declared that U.S. drone strikes and targeted assassinations abroad have seen the country violating human rights in a way that "abets our enemies and alienates our friends".

6. Named Egypt''s winner, Islamist makes history.
Egypt’s military rulers on Sunday officially recognized Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood as the winner of Egypt’s first competitive presidential election, handing the Islamists both a symbolic triumph and a potent weapon in their struggle for power against the country’s top generals.
(New York Times)

7. Syria officers and troops defect to Turkey.
Turkey''s state-run news agency says 33 more members of the Syrian military have defected to Turkey with their families at a time of heightened tensions between the two countries over Syria''s downing of a Turkish plane.
(Al Jazeera)

8.  Vladimir Putin arrives in Israel to discuss sanctions against Iran.
The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, arrived in Israel on Monday with an entourage of up to 400 ministers, advisers, security personnel and journalists on a state visit for talks focusing on sanctions against Iran.

9. Thailand vows to tackle human trafficking.
Thailand''s government has pledged to crack down on human trafficking after the U.S. state department criticised the Southeast Asian country in its latest report on worldwide human trafficking for doing little to address the problem.
(Al Jazeera

10. Spain requests EU aid, market hopes dim.
Spain formally requested euro zone rescue loans on Monday to recapitalize banks that are laden with bad debts as the euro and shares fell due to investors'' skepticism that a European Union summit this week will act decisively on the bloc''s debt crisis.

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