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The Top 10 Stories of April 27, 2012

Quote of the day.
“I call them my brothers and sisters because they are a genetic link to the same ones my ancestors hunted.” - Tote Gray Hawk, 54, a Sioux, speaking of 60 bison moved from Yellowstone National Park to northeast Montana’s Ft. Peck Reservation.
(New York Times)

1. Evangelical leader sees connection between climate change and poverty.
Evangelical Environmental Network President Mitch Hescox, who worked in the energy business before becoming a pastor, told The Christian Post that combating man-made climate change is where his desire to evangelize and to care for the poor meet.
(Christian Post)

2. Ryan defends budget as fruit of Catholic teaching.
Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan defended his party's 2013 federal budget, which has drawn Catholic criticism, as a way to help all Americans gain a better life, free of government intrusion and overreach, in a speech at Georgetown University.
(Catholic News Service)

3. Arizona immigration law gets Latinos politically engaged.
Anger and frustration borne out of Arizona''s tough immigration law has galvanized Latinos young and old to register to vote, get politically engaged and have their voices heard.
(Arizona Republic)

4. With G.O.P.'s ear, Rubio pushes Dream Act proposal.
Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has been talking to Democrats and conservative Republicans about his plan to give students a chance to study and work here legally, albeit temporarily.
(New York Times)

5. Violence Against Women Act renewed.
The Senate voted Thursday to renew the Violence Against Women Act, as Republicans moved to dispense with the issue and blunt attacks from Democrats who have accused the GOP of waging a “War on Women.”

6. Obama to be challenged over human cost of CIA drone strikes.
The human cost of the US government''s clandestine drone strikes strategy, including the deaths of young children in Pakistan and Yemen, will be highlighted this weekend as campaigners attempt to challenge domestic support for the Obama administration''s controversial policy.

7. Study indicates a greater threat of extreme weather.
New research suggests that global warming is causing the cycle of evaporation and rainfall over the oceans to intensify more than scientists had expected, an ominous finding that may indicate a higher potential for extreme weather in coming decades.
(New York Times)

8. Taliban website under repeat attack by hackers.
The unidentified hackers broke into the Taliban's El Emara website twice on Thursday, replacing usual insurgent victory messages with images of executions and support for the Afghan government and security forces in English, Arabic and Pashto.

9. Libya bans religious parties from politics.
Libya''s ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) has issued a new law that bans parties that are based on religious principles, the council spokesman said.
(Al Jazeera)

10. Spain faces 'huge crisis' after credit downgrade.
Spain''s sickly economy faces a "crisis of huge proportions", a minister said on Friday, as unemployment hit its highest level in two decades and Standard and Poor''s weighed in with a two-notch downgrade of the government''s debt. 

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