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The Top 10 Stories of April 18, 2012

Quote of the day.
“Most people in the country are looking at everything that’s happened; it just seems to be one disaster after another after another. People are starting to connect the dots.” Anthony A. Leiserowitz of Yale University, one of the researchers who commissioned a new poll that showed 69 percent of Americans believe that extreme weather was probably made worse by global warming.
(New York Times)

1. Church outreach takes on new technical touch.
No matter where you live, you can go to church, so to speak, with Christ Fellowship. The McKinney, Texas, congregation is on board with almost every high-tech gambit under heaven.
(USA Today)

2. Latino voters take center stage in both presidential campaigns.
With the GOP presidential nomination no longer in doubt, President Obama and Mitt Romney this week are urgently turning their focus to Hispanic voters — a group whose alienation from Republicans threatens GOP prospects for winning the White House and has given the Obama campaign an early opportunity to lock in the support of a key constituency.
(Washington Post)

3. Hearing examines racial profiling.
The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights invited several members of Congress -- mostly from minority groups -- on Tuesday to testify about problems with racial profiling in their communities.
(McClatchy News)

4. Shareholders in Citigroup reject executive pay plan.
In a stinging rebuke, Citigroup shareholders rebuffed on Tuesday the bank’s $15 million pay package for its chief executive, Vikram S. Pandit, marking the first time that stock owners have united in opposition to outsized compensation at a financial giant.
(New York Times)

5. U.S., NATO ready plan to hand off Afghanistan combat.
The United States and its NATO allies are readying plans to pull away from the front lines in Afghanistan next year as President Barack Obama and fellow leaders try to show that the unpopular war is ending.
(Associated Press)

6. Syrian military pounding Homs.
Syrian security forces are shelling rebel-held areas of Homs, as the UN''s secretary general prepares to set out plans for a larger monitoring mission.

7. Debate grows as Europe fears return of a crisis.
The European financial crisis has shown signs of reigniting in recent days, sharpening the debate between the champions of austerity and a growing chorus urging more expansionary policies to promote growth.
(New York Times)

8. Nuclear test expected from bristling North Korea.
A bristling North Korea said on Wednesday it was ready to retaliate in the face of international condemnation over its failed rocket launch, increasing the likelihood the hermit state will push ahead with a third nuclear test.

9. Sudans are locked in logic of war.
African Union mediator Thabo Mbeki has urged the United Nations Security Council to take action to stop the fighting between Sudan and South Sudan, warning that both sides are locked in a "logic of war" with hardliners increasingly in control.
(Al Jazeera)

10. Aung San Suu Kyi to leave Burma for first time in decades.
After nearly two decades under house arrest in Burma, Aung San Suu Kyi will travel to Norway and Britain in June … It will be the first time she has set foot outside Burma in 24 years and the first time a member of her National League for Democracy has made a diplomatic visit abroad.

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