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The Top 10 Stories of March 20, 2012

Quote of the day.
"I was humiliated and horrified. We''re talking about the children I gave birth to. Of course they''re my children." - Ellie Lavi, a Chicago native, told by a US Embassy staffer that her children were not eligible for citizenship unless she could prove that the egg or sperm used to create the embryo was from an American citizen.
(USA Today)

1. Funeral under way for Egypt's Coptic Pope.
"A funeral service is under way in Cairo''s St Mark''s Cathedral on Tuesday, two days after thousands flocked there to pay their final respects to the longtime head of the Coptic Church."
(Al Jazeera)

2. Youth turned off by religion and politics.
"Young people are turning away from churches because they associate Christianity with Republican politics, a study reveals.
(Christian Post)

3. Federal agencies to open investigation into black teen’s death.
"Authorities announced Monday night that they are opening a full-scale criminal investigation into the slaying of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager who was shot in Florida by a neighborhood watch volunteer who told a police dispatcher that the youth appeared suspicious."
(Washington Post)

4. Supreme Court to weigh key constitutional issues with health care law.
"When the Supreme Court hears arguments on President Barack Obama's health care law, what will be at stake is not just whether Americans can be required to have health insurance, but whether the Constitution puts any limit on Congress'' power to regulate the economy."

5. Occupy leaders plan NATO demonstration.
"After a long weekend of protesting aimed at reinvigorating their movement, Occupy leaders from around the country set their sights on their biggest target of the spring - the NATO summit in Chicago."

6. Manhunt in France for racist serial killer as four shot dead in Jewish school.
"France is in a state of shock and revulsion after the rabbi and three children were killed in the most brutal attack on the French Jewish community in decades, which also left another 17-year-old boy fighting for his life in hospital."

7. Scores dead in string of Iraq blasts.
"A wave of car bombings and roadside blasts across several cities in Iraq have killed at least 46 people and wounded more than 180 people, … The attacks on Tuesday came just days before Baghdad is due to host an Arab League summit."
(Al Jazeera)

8. U.S. war game sees perils of Israeli strike against Iran.
"A classified war simulation held this month to assess the repercussions of an Israeli attack on Iran forecasts that the strike would lead to a wider regional war, which could draw in the United States and leave hundreds of Americans dead."
(New York Times)

9. U.N. nuclear watchdog invited to visit North Korea.
"North Korea''s chief nuclear negotiator has confirmed UN nuclear inspectors have been invited to the country for the first time in three years."

10. Pakistani Parliament demands end to U.S. drone strikes.
"A major parliamentary review of relations with the United States opened on Tuesday with calls for an end to drone strikes and an unconditional apology for an American attack on Pakistani soldiers last November."
(New York Times)

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