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Top 10 Stories of November 11, 2011

Quote of the day.

"It's easy to say, 'We support you and appreciate you. It's harder to say, 'We support you and appreciate you and give you a job and fair pay.'"  Troy Miller, 40, who has been looking for work since he retired from the Navy in January.
(USA Today)

1. Pope plans visit to Cuba next spring.
Cuba's Catholic Church rejoiced Thursday with news that Pope Benedict XVI plans a visit next spring, a trip that would highlight the church's rising status and unprecedented rapport with the communist government in recent years.
(McClatchy Newspapers)

2. Keystone XL pipeline decision delayed.
The Obama administration put off until after the 2012 election a politically charged decision on whether to approve the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, easing one problem for President Obama but opening another with the missed opportunity to boost job growth.
(Los Angeles Times)

3. Senate passes veterans jobs bill.
The bill, approved Thursday by a vote of 95 to 0, would extend tax credits to businesses that hire unemployed veterans.
(Washington Post)

4. Greenhouse gases rising.
Greenhouse gases are building at a steep rate in the atmosphere, the nation's top climate agency reported, renewing concern that global warming may be accelerating.
(Los Angeles Times)

5. Debt panel tries to salvage deal.
A small group of lawmakers on the congressional supercommittee have restarted secret negotiations in an attempt to find at least $1 trillion in savings and save the panel from failure.

6. Penn State wonders what’s next?
As students, faculty and alumni process their feelings of shock, sadness and betrayal over a child-sex abuse scandal in the school's legendary football program, the Penn State University community is beginning to ask: What comes next?
(McClatchy Newspapers)

7.  'Kill team' leader guilty of murder.
A US military court has convicted an American soldier of three counts of premeditated murder for leading a rogue "kill team" in Afghanistan.

8. Panetta warns against Iran strike.
Military action against Iran could have "unintended consequences" in the region, the US defence secretary, Leon Panetta, said on Thursday, hours after Tehran warned that an attack against its nuclear sites would be met with "iron fists".

9. Syria accused of crimes against humanity.
The watchdog group Human Rights Watch on Friday urged the Arab League to suspend Syria's membership, and called on the body to ask the UN Security Council to impose an arms embargo and sanctions against responsible individuals.
(Al Jazeera)

10. South Sudan accuses Sudan of bombing civilian camp.
Civilians fled as bombs fell on a camp for displaced people in South Sudan on Thursday, and President Salva Kiir accused the Sudanese government of planning to invade his newly independent nation.
(New York Times)

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