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Free Speech vs. Fundamentalist Islam?

A few days back, small groups of college students at Northwestern,
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A Hymn and Prayer for the Gulf: 'O God, the Great, Wide Seas are Yours'

This hymn-prayer was written in response to the ongoing oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig that started on April 20th.
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Lena Horne's Bright Shining Light

Lena Horne is gone, but she remains a bright shining light.
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'God's Maternal Nature': One of the Best Mother's Day Sermons I Can Remember

Yesterday I heard one of the best Mother's Day sermons I can remember. It was by the pastor at our family's church, Rev. Jeff Haggray of First Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.
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Last month, at the height of the media coverage of the most recent sex abuse crisis, Father Francis Clooney, a professor at Harvard Divinity School and Director of the Center for the Study of Wor
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The Gulf Spill and Big Oil's Legacy of Corporate Unaccountability

So the latest Nick & Josh Podcast is up and it's a r
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'Lovely to Me': A Music Video Tribute to Immigrant Mothers

To commemorate Mother's Day, we have this musical tribute to immigrant mothers: "Lovely To Me (Immigrant Mother)," by Taiyo Na.


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Psalm 94 and Sudan

Psalm 94 is not my psalm, and perhaps it's not yours either. Psalm 8; Psalm 23; Psalm 100. They get a lot of air time because they really speak to us.
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Mother's Day Challenges

Mother's Day is a challenge. While advertisements evoke misty eyed memories and quaint appreciation for mothers, the truth is that Mother's Day began as a call to action by Julia Ward Howe.
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