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God's Love is Stronger Than Our Doubt

Is it just me, or does anyone else think it's kind of weird how we've named Thomas, "Doubting" Thomas. We don't give the other characters in the New Testament little nicknames ... like needy Nicodemis or Co-dependant Martha. But poor Thomas is stuck with Doubting Thomas.

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Yet, the fact of the matter is this: When Jesus encountered Thomas, Jesus didn't label him Doubting Thomas. He didn't judge him. He came to Thomas just as he was, doubts and all, and offered him peace.

One of my favorite moments during Holy Week was when on Maundy Thursday we were singing a song that repeated these lines "Take O Take Me As I Am." We sang this beautiful song over and over. But what made it so powerful was that we sang this while assembling bleach kits for the needle exchange. We sang, Take O take me as I am, while putting cookers and condoms and bleach in sterile kits for outreach workers to give to IV drug users on the Denver streets. Take O Take me as I am indeed. We took this action which says to active drug addicts, "You are loved as you are," while we ourselves sang a prayer asking God to take us as WE are. Indeed, God does takes us as we are, with or without our asking

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