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A Cancer Survivor Speaks Out For Health-Care Reform


I just read an e-mail forward where someone compared the president and members of the U.S. Congress, because of their health-care reform proposals, to Hitler. Speaking as someone with two grandfathers who were nearly killed during World War II, I am appalled that anyone would compare any U.S. health plan to the genocidal Nazi regime. I feel this is a slap in the face to the Americans, and others all over the world, who sacrificed so much to stop Hitler and his followers. I would encourage any Christian who has made such a comparison to take a moment to prayerfully consider what they are saying, and to make any policy arguments they might have in a more truthful and accurate way.

Here's the policy argument I want to make, based on my personal experience. Right now, people who have health coverage at all have it at the mercy of corporate bureaucrats. I know in my gut what this means: When I was first diagnosed with cancer several years ago, my insurance company told me that preliminary tests indicated I had an extremely aggressive form of cancer

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