The Common Good

A Tribute to Gayle Williams, Christian Martyr

Life is a gift.

It is a gift from God, creation, nature, father, and especially mother. It is a gift in the sense of the pure gift, the gift that asks nothing in return. We breathe, and the breathing is an affirmation from somewhere beyond ourselves that our very existence has meaning and importance. Some of us have been blessed to have been nurtured with love, and we know that this love can never be paid back, only paid forward, given to someone, to some effort that can never repay us but that can only be paid forward.

Gayle Williams was a 34-year-old aid worker walking to her job to help children who had lost limbs because of landmines when she was shot down by men on motorcycles in the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan. She lived modestly among the people. She knew she had chosen a life of risk, yet she lived the risk because she believed that she was serving a higher purpose.

She worked for an organization called SERVE Afghanistan

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