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Posted by Kimberly Burge 3 years 26 weeks ago
The lost art of reading might be in danger, but I'm happy to report that the desire to write remains strong, at least with Amazw'Entombi ("Voices of the Girls"). This creative writing club in...

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There are many reasons to abolish the death penalty. Innocents on death row may be the most compelling.

In the new South Africa, the future is speaking in the voices of the girls.

The Better Angels, by John Francis. Horse and Rider/Dualtone.

Pray the Devil Back to Hell, by Gini Reticker and Abigail E. Disney.

Uwem Akpan, a Jesuit from Nigeria, tells stories about Africa through its children, creating rich and complex characters that capture the heartbreaking realities of growing up in the midst of war and poverty.