The Common Good

Evan Trowbridge

Former Media Assistant Intern on Sojourners Staff

Ever since his grade school days when he tried to sell “facts” at a garage sale, Evan has been allured by the idea of learning more about the world around him and letting others in on what he found out. Eventually, he established his own radio station using a karaoke machine, but this also failed to reach a large audience, and cassette tapes were too expensive.

After a few years, a transplant from Ohio to Pennsylvania and a continued failure in the garage-sale-fact-selling business, Evan began his education at Penn State University. While at Penn State, Evan worked for a local TV station, an investment research start-up and covered state politics for The Daily Collegian. His passion for exploring the world was also fanned into flames during this time by a semester spent abroad in Merida, Venezuela and an international reporting class which landed him in Shanghai, where he reported on education for The McClatchy Company.

Following his four years at Penn State, Evan received a B.A. in journalism, a B.A. in Spanish and a B.S. in international studies. His enthusiasm for journalism lead him to spend his post-graduation summer working for the Pennsylvania Legislative Correspondents Association, where he reported on Pennsylvania state politics for the state’s four largest newspapers — The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and The Morning Call.

During this whole time, Evan realized that at the root of all the experiences he had enjoyed, both through his education and his work, was the concept of justice and truth — the idea of speaking the truth, so that what was wrong could be made right.

The very day that he stumbled upon Sojourners, he knew immediately that it was where he should be after graduation. Apparently, both his superiors at Sojourners and God agreed. Now, he’s looking forward to what this next year will teach him and what he can bring to the table to advance the Sojourners’ mission.

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