The Common Good

Articles By Julie Polter

Reading passionately isn't about escaping reality, but about plunging further into it.
What is 'artificial means' and what is nonnegotiable humane care?
Flannery O'Connor was a master short-story writer, dark humorist, and astute cultural observer.
The movement needs a good mix tape.
Where oh where can we put the homeless?
Nobel Prize-winning physicist Bill Phillips talks about his faith
How to tell the difference between the good and a Good Thing OR What I learned from a domestic dominatrix.
A few blocks away, a sidewalk mailbox is covered with a magic-marker tribute to a young man downed in a shooting—"RIP Boo"
Does it stand for nationalistic militarism or grief-humbled unity?
You can't go home again—there aren't any jobs there anymore.
Daring to believe in a life without logos.
You think ads are everywhere? You ain't seen nothing yet.
I confess: I was a catalog girl who grew up to be a catalog woman.
Bill Moyers on dying in America.
Saying no to the Disneyfication of America.
Artist Barry Moser's new illustrated Bible shows that the people of scripture---and books themselves---are very much alive.
But does it have to COST SO MUCH!?
Steps to getting the funeral you want and can afford.
The power of ministering to the bereaved.
Who would you choose as Person of the Millennium?
Artists and believers have something to talk about.
When the price paid to farmers for hogs crashed to Depression-era lows a year ago, it was nothing less than cataclysmic for independent hog growers.
Bringing people together.
Quirky, intelligent music from Belle and Sebastian.
Volunteer Opportunities
Seeking common ground on abortion clinic activism.
Taking back the airwaves for free speech and local issues.
Kathleen Norris' Amazing Grace
Advent, incarnation, and the daily news.
This morning's Washington Post said it is a "workers' market." A booming U.S.
Unholy alliance pushes more than religious freedom.
Michael Moore's irreverent tour of American industry.
Labor activism as an expression of faith?
As part of a worldwide boycott of all old-growth redwood products, the World Stewardship Institute is urging faith communities to ban the use of redwood in the construction of worship facilities.
Is religious liberty under threat?
A conversation with Miriam Therese Winter on imagination, women in the church, and finding God between the lines.
Tapping into the imagination of God
Women comment on life in the church
In the midst of contradictions, challenges, and divisions, Western believers and Muslims meet.
Churches take a stand against sweatshops.
Building relationship between people of faith and the workers' rights movement.
Commerce, call, and gainful employment.
Kevorkian's caricature of mercy
Together, abortion adversaries seek real solutions.
When President Clinton vetoed a bill this spring that would have banned a specific method of late-term abortion, many people were outraged.
Dianna Ortiz's Vigil for Truth.
Churches stand with those who labor.
Hearing the facts about the death penalty.