The Common Good

Articles By Julie Polter

Joking for Jesus, The Courage to Love, Body Meets Soul, Rethinking War.
When spurred on by God and conscience, there's no telling what trouble you might get into.
... Voices from Africa
Six books on the ongoing search for peace and justice in the Middle East and beyond.
Julie Polter reviews current books and films.
For nearly six decades, Mavis Staples has been bringing the gospel truth to song.
Reviews of The Living Wisdom of Howard Thurman, Standing in the Shoes My Mother Made, Somebody's Daughter, and This Sacred Moment.
For nearly six decades, Mavis Staples has been bringing the gospel truth to song.
Writers who want to let both their faith and their creativity run free are finding a home in the Christian literary underground
When it comes to God and country, who are we? And who might we become?
Insights on being the first in the family to graduate from college.
Consider All the Works
In the September-October issue, Danny Duncan Collum cuts through paranoid misrepresentations of community organizing to the quiet, hopeful truth: Congregation-based organizing groups are helping pe
Seeking the Beloved
An Interview with Richard Rodriguez
The Virtual and the Divine
Books that help us put heart and soul into action.
Facebook and the redefinition of privacy.
For the casual Facebook user, it can be a little confusing to find all the available options for privacy control that are on Facebook.
Spirited Women with Jesus Girls: True Tales of Growing Up Female and Evangelical
Long-term partnerships and deep relationships must be at the heart of the rebuilding effort in Haiti.
Bald-faced lies about global warming.
We can overcome obstetric fistula.
A promising new movement leaves the bumper-sticker platitudes behind and offers the potential to actually reduce abortion.
on the nitty-gritty work of seeking common ground on abortion
Amid deepening poverty and a crashing ecosystem, we need a new way of doing business.
Being vessels of that perfect love that casts out fear.
Five things we must do now for Darfur and Congo.
Kathleen Norris explores how an ancient concept of spiritual malaise speaks to us today.
For members of the philanthropic group Bolder Giving, generosity pays.
Serving God with your money, in boom times and bust.
Who needs a charity ball when you can have a potluck?
The prophetic voice of abolitionist Maria W. Stewart.
Individual efforts and social responsibility go hand-in-hand.
Why do Americans want to live so large?
How to defend the family more.
Like a cluster of traffic cops, insurance adjusters, and whiplash lawyers at a multicar pileup, writers of all sorts are trying to make sense of the dangerous intersection of faith and politics in
The tragic cost of child marriage.
Good food is much more than a matter of taste.
Censorship, banning, blacklists: What's lost when governments stifle musical expression?
Conflict may be an inevitable part of life, but how you deal with it isn't. Many schools are teaching a better way.