The Common Good

Articles By Rose Marie Berger

Can we talk about leaf blowers?
Venezuela's Hugo Chavez stirs up fierce criticism - and hope.
Venezuela's constitution is more than a political document.
More people with mental and emotional troubles seek help from clergy than from psychiatrists or medical doctors, according to an article by Dr. Glen Milstein in Psychiatric Times.
Local residents of Kerala, India, are winning a battle against Coca-Cola India for clean ground water and soil, after months of collaboration with a BBC investigative reporter.
The California state capitol building in Sacramento was transformed one morning in January into a tenement house strung with laundry lines.
Nearly 100,000 people from around the world - including these activists from India - descended on Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India, in January for the World Social Forum
Dr. Samuel Cotton, a pioneer of the modern anti-slavery movement, died in December after a protracted battle with cancer.
Who ya gonna call? Ghost-bust…no, wait-the Holy Ghost!
It's On Me. Canada has cancelled the $750 million debt owed it by Iraq to help put the war-torn country on a "better foundation" for economic development.
'His grave is out past the cedar tree," says the woman in the abbey gift shop. It is an icy Monday morning on the back roads of Kentucky's bluegrass country.
Child Poverty in the Developing World.
Twenty-four years after the "Morningside Massacre" in Greensboro, North Carolina
Hungry for the holy land?
Shout out to a Christian Palestinian leader.
When I want to see live gospel stories, I go to the Amoco station at 14th and Euclid in my Washington, D.C. neighborhood.
The Earth Moves at Midnight, by Muray Bodo
Leaders of the world’s 77 million Anglicans met in London
Twenty-seven military pilots, former pilots, and air crew sent a petition to the commander of the Israeli Air Force in September saying they will not participate in attack missions...
More than 185 evangelical leaders from 50 countries met in Queretaro, Mexico, in September to examine the impact of the globalized economy on the poor. 
The federal government now officially recognizes prison rape as a problem.
I need an incarnation more powerful than the hell of the daily headlines.
Trickle Up Economics
More than 30 billboards with the slogan "Peace is Patriotic" have gone up nationwide. 
Simple Sermons.
"Do you believe in hell?" a friend asked.
The sex trade is often seen as an industry that plagues remote developing countries, but a Washington, D.C. conference in July broke that stereotype
Church organizations in Malawi supported by Norwegian and Danish Church Aid have been told to "vigorously" advocate gender and human rights issues. 
The land is God's gift to everyone," affirmed leaders from Latin American and U.S. churches in a statement supporting Brazil's Landless Workers Movement.
The Conference of Evangelical Churches of Guatemala vigorously protested a ruling by the Guatemalan Constitutional Court
Tired of the clear-cut lumber you get at Home Depot and Lowe's? The Canadian Eco-Lumber Co-op lets you feel good about your wood.
President Bush completed a five-day, five-nation tour of Africa this summer, promising those he met that they are not alone in their fight against AIDS.
Two former CIA analysts talk about the lies behind the Iraq war and the heavy weight of conscience.
Nicknamed the "Blue Nuns" for the blue habits they used to wear, the Catholic sisters of the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary have renovated their motherhouse and campus...
Web Exclusive! Full transcript of interviews with former CIA analysts.
Holy leisure and radical hospitality are necessary components for surviving the vicissitudes of empire.
How Does Your Company Measure Up?
In April, Saskatchewan's Rosthern Junior College sponsored "In Exile...For A While," a new youth immersion program launched by the Mennonite Central Committee...
In Nairobi, 700 children walked out of school and through the streets this April, calling for an end to their country's debt burden.
Standing for peace in a war zone is never easy, but it's becoming next to impossible for Middle East human rights groups.
This spring Europe was rocked by a religious fashion war when the Danish superstore Kvickly started selling flip-flop sandals featuring images of Jesus and Mary.
Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva met with Catholic bishops in May to discuss his Zero Hunger Program.
A new report from the University of North Carolina's National Study of Youth and Religion confirms the old saw: A family that prays together, stays together.