The Common Good

Articles By Rose Marie Berger

Tackling their finances is perhaps the most effective way of restricting terrorist groups. 
These national uprisings are part of an ongoing black liberation narrative. 
'He is a person who has been consistent all his life.' 
Advent is a time to answer the question, "Which side are you on?" 
True power is energy that bears fruit.
Are new EPA rules and a U.N. Climate Summit enough to turn the tide on climate change?
A poetry reading from Wendell Berry's "This Day"
There are thousands of ways for a church to serve its watershed and all life within it.
This Day: New & Collected Sabbath Poems. Counterpoint.
Pope Francis wants deputies, not darlings.
"Food brings people together."
I watched the police toss Steve, age 70, into the crowd behind me.
Laments engage "the most unbearable questions of faith."
Mass in Las Choapas, Mexico
To have the "poor one" at the center of the Catholic faith is right and just.
What will it take to push back climate change? A Spirit-driven 'power shift' might be a key.
Baptism means we are imprinted on Christ.
The Beloved Community is not a utopian ideal.
With a warm hen under my arm, I remembered Jesus' plea over another empire-ridden city.
Women still are forced to operate as second-class citizens in the church.
Remembering Ada María Isasi-Díaz
As the human soul matures, we are confronted with moments that force us to let go of yet another thin veil of self-delusion. The "right road," the moral high ground, sinks into a thicket of gray.
What does God's "settlement" look like?
The bigger the financial corporation, the quicker your dollar exits your community.
When, as is true today, the richest 10 percent own 85 percent of the world’s wealth and the poorest 50 percent live off the crumbs of 1 percent of the total global wealth, you’ve created a market where slavery will thrive.
No one could stop Troy Davis' execution -- despite his apparent innocence.
Largest U.S. climate action says no to pipeline.
My "life plan" -- at age 23 -- was to own little and to move where the Spirit led.
The roots of Egypt's revolt: the story of Egypt's long preparation for nonviolent revolution.
Addiction is not an individual disease; it's a family sickness.
Last week the body of a young woman was found near my house. She was 17 years old. She'd been murdered. The garbage men reported finding her in a supercan in the alley.
A 9-year-old's murder tells us much about his neighborhood -- and about America.
It's often good to have a donkey with you when you pray. They provide a natural antidote to excessive piety. Take my recent retreat day at the Jonah House Catholic Worker community in Baltimore.
Books on nonviolence, in theory and in practice.
7 Books for Bible geeks and other interested readers.
"For God so loved the world ..." Lately John 3:16 won't leave me alone. It hovers above my shoulder as I read The Washington Post. Really, God? You love this world?
History, Strategy, and Community
The Complete Psalms, by Pamela Greenberg. Bloomsbury USA. Joyful Noise, edited by Robert Strong. Autumn House Press.
In May, a court in Brazil sentenced a second rancher to 30 years in prison for ordering the murder of Dorothy Stang, a Catholic Sister of Notre Dame de Namur, who worked in Brazil with small farmer
Alabama-based BelieverBands has jumped on the silly-bandz wagon with its own stretchy evangelism.
In 2009, a mass grave, possibly the largest in Latin America, was discovered near La Macarena, Colombia, within sight of a major military base that is also used by U.S.
Knowing that we are going to die, how then should we live?
A denominationally and politically diverse group of more than 100 U.S.
When Handel’s Messiah was first performed in London in 1743, it is said that King George II leapt to his feet when the “Hallelujah” chorus began.
In March more than 70 organizations, including churches, labor unions, and civil society groups, met for the first European conference on work-free Sundays.
The nice vendor who sells aromatic oils in front of Speedy Liquor on 14th Street got stabbed the other day. Word on the street is he “got sliced with a machete.”
According to a review of 160 socially responsible mutual funds, 72.6 percent of socially responsible large-cap funds outperformed their S&P 500 competitors in 2009.
In the wake of Haiti’s devastating Jan. 12 earthquake, a coalition of faith-based and secular humanitarian organizations called world leaders to grant international debt relief to Haiti.
You cannot hear them. You cannot see them. But Predator drones—pilotless aircraft typically used in combat in Afghanistan and Pakistan—are flying in U.S.