The Common Good

Articles By Matt Hildreth

A reluctant uncle witnesses the home birth of his nephew.
Since 1994, David Bazan has put sharp questions about faith, justice, and his Pentecostal-evangelical upbringing front and center in his songs.
Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is not afraid to get messy.
Don Miller is the founder of The Mentoring Project and author of
Harvard professor Michael J. Sandel is used to playing to large crowds—his undergraduate course on justice enrolls more than 1,000 students each year.
Sojourners editor Jim Rice and his family have been composting with worms for more than a decade. In this video how-to, he shares 7 steps to composting with worms.
Remember your loved ones this month with this beautiful prayer altar
With all the mixed signals we've been getting these days about the use of torture, it's hard to know what to believe.
Ed Spivey Jr., Sojourners magazine's award-winning art director and humor columnist, laments his rapidly shrinking newspaper and considers the future of the 24-hour news cycle.
I hold in my hand a printout of the e-mail I just received from Barack Obama.