The Common Good

Articles By Marie Dennis

What does it take to reintegrate combatants into society?
A prayer for the new pope to fulfill, in fresh ways, the promise of Vatican II.
The Bank's new head has community-level anti-poverty expertise—and many challenges to face.
With U.S. troops now in Africa to escalate the fight against the Lord's Resistance Army, clergy in the region express concern.
Hiroshima and Fukushima remind us that civilian and military nuclear technology go hand in hand.
Listening for God's voice at each new stage of life.
Pushing back efforts to remilitarize Japan.
The World Bank's top-down approach.
Challenges to the church in the global South.
She Who Is: The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse, by Elizabeth Johnson (Crossroad/Herder & Herder).
The United States will never be the same again; these are watershed days of irreversible change.
Considering that two years ago Congress had little interest in the issue, the action is nothing short of a miracle.
Jubilee 2000 and the debt debate.
The worldwide movement for debt relief is rooted in Jubilee.
Netanyahu undercuts the peace process
Applying social analysis to the political process.