The Common Good

Articles By Jim Rice

Church bodies in the U.S. are removing financhial support for the occupation of Palestinian territory—but some Jewish groups still see divestment as delegitimizing Israel itself. 
According to the Vatican, “The very possession of nuclear weapons, even for purposes of deterrence, is morally problematic.”
Five years after the hemisphere's most catastrophic disaster in a century, Haiti seeks to build back better. 
The targeting of tens of thousands of civilians was a barbaric act.
"If communion isn't a little edgy, you may not be doing it right." -- A tribute to Elizabeth Palmberg (1970-2014)
"When someone is faced with a gun and chooses to respond with respect and love, that's hope."
GOP attempts to circumvent the health-care law range from the inane to downright bullying.
In John Carr's view, Pope Francis is already shaking up the Catholic Church—and the best is yet to come.
Even at their best, toys like the American Girl Dolls send a mixed message.
"Given the option of paying more for dirty power or paying less for clean power, what would you take?"
The way to stop is to stop.
Before the election, several bishops went so far as to threaten their parishioners with eternal damnation if they voted for Obama.
The constraints on political engagement by nonprofits can be frustrating for those committed to social change.
We'll never reach reconciliation between Christians and Muslims until we address root causes—and take on the haters.
Hey Pres. Obama: The Nobel Peace Prize committee is calling. They want their medal back.
Fairness matters, especially for people on society’s margins—and that conviction goes far beyond tax equity to every aspect of public policy. For people of the Book, it’s much more important than politics; it’s a matter of faith.
A new definition of malnutrition is emerging, as formerly developing countries are globalized into “fast-food nation” lifestyles.
More than 5 million voters could be affected by new Voter-ID laws and (coincidentally?) a disproportionate number of them are people of color.
Occupy has already succeeded, its legacy already established: It has changed the conversation.
Renewable energy sources aren't just safer than nuclear power -- they're also cheaper.
Palestinian Christian activist Sami Awad on why nonviolence is key to Middle East justice.
Sami Awad’s vocation is to tear down walls in the Middle East.
Sojourners editor Jim Rice and his family have been composting with worms for more than a decade. In this video how-to, he shares 7 steps to composting with worms.
Lessons from Gaza.
Once thought to be in the pocket of the Religious Right, many American evangelicals today are discovering a deeper understanding of what it means to be pro-life.
Listen in as John Edwards talks about his wife Elizabeth’s passion for universal healthcare.
During the Second Great Awakening, the fruits of conversion included social reform.
Christian-Muslim dialogue raises hope - and suspicion.
"God's Smuggler" Brother Andrew has an odd way of breaking down barriers between Christians and Muslims. But somehow it works.
Proponents claim that nuclear energy is the power source of the future - clean, green, and safe. Are they right?
The church consensus is solidifying on the need to save the planet.
How would Mahatma Gandhi confront terrorism today? And what action would the apostle of nonviolence take in response to the wars waged in the name of anti-terrorism?
Out of the carnage, can real peace ever be achieved?
Only justice for all is justice at all.
On mourning in America.
The Bush Doctrine strikes again.
Two former CIA analysts talk about the lies behind the Iraq war and the heavy weight of conscience.
Web Exclusive! Full transcript of interviews with former CIA analysts.
A victory for vouchers - but who wins?
The deepest guilt is the church's.
Moral principles, not politics, guide the bishops.
The Broetjes had a crazy idea—to treat their workers like people.
China is the current battleground---as Seattle was last fall---over the rules of global trade.
Actually, even in Nicaragua, revolutionary fervor isn't what it used to be.
Food---and much more---for the poor.
For many Christian churches, having women in pastoral leadership is the norm. For a Catholic parish in New York, it’s apparently a firing offense.
What if they gave a protest and nobody came? The organizer of a new Web site wants to make sure that doesn’t happen, and so has launched Protest.Net (www.
Lt. William Calley was convicted for his role in leading the 1968 massacre of Vietnamese civilians at My Lai. His conviction was later overturned by Judge Robert Elliott.
The former owners of a nuclear processing plant in Pennsylvania were ordered by a federal jury to pay $36.5 million in damages for a rash of cancer cases near the plant.