The Common Good

Articles By Jim Forest

The Catonsville Nine: A Story of Faith and Resistance in the Vietnam Era. Oxford University Press
City of Belief, by Nicole d'Entremont
I wonder if there are not many Sojourners readers who were dismayed with Brian McLaren’s essay in the March 2006 issue (“Found in Translation”)?
Book Review: Dorothy Day: Portaits by Those Who Knew Her (Orbis Books: 2003).
Words of wisdom for a devil-in-training
Dorothy Day taught us the real meaning of hospitality by the way she lived day to day.
The Trappist's voice continues to resound.
Brazilian Catholic archbishop Helder Camara brought a "preferential option for the poor" to the center of Christian social thinking.
Contrary to popular belief, the Serbian Orthodox church has a history of resisting ultra-nationalism.
The vocation of a prophet, by a prophet
Orthodox Christianity is rooted in eternity, a balm for today.
Church and State in Post-Soviet Russia.
Celebrating Dorothy Day's 100th
Serbia's surprising explosion of protest.
The letters of Thomas Merton.
No matter what religious tradition one is part of, the grim cycle of violence and counterviolence that has gone on for more than three years in the former Yugoslavia indicts us all...
Robert McNamara's personal confession.