The Common Good

Articles By Elizabeth Palmberg

The Fatherless series (book one and two). FaithWords.
The Woman Who Died A Lot. Viking Adult
An extended interview with addiction-recovery worker Jim Balmer.
Frank Mugisha, executive director of Sexual Minorities Uganda
Jim Balmer is an antiwar activist whose commitment to nonviolence has made him an advocate for a consistent ethic of life. Interview by Elizabeth Palmberg.
99 to 1: How Wealth Inequality is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do About It by Chuck Collins
Resources to help you raise happy and engaged kids.
Angela Glover Blackwell believes in Detroit's future, and she has a vision for how to get there. Failure is not an option.
Clergy to Village Voice: It's not okay to help the sex traffickers.
The tattooed former meth cook, Zach, is at the heart of the business—the artisan coffee roaster.
Caught in the crossfire of army, guerrilla, and paramilitary forces, women, farmers, and Indigenous leaders in Colombia fight bravely for the right to live.
"I think it is a spiritual task to struggle with questions such as what and who we place at the center of our economy"
Gerard Anderson on Overpaying, Overeating, and Out-of-Control U.S. Medical Costs
Morally and economically, it's wrong for federal budget makers to go after the poor.
Bio: Volunteer with Latinos United for Clean Air (LUCA) in Fresno, California
With lower-cost heath care, would I be dead?
The reasons for raising doubts about the human causes of global warming, explains Skeptical Science's John Cook, are often political rather than scientific.
We can't avoid the tough questions on how to change the culture in which we all participate.
Bio: Helps local women's groups in Central America, Mexico, and Haiti start and run grant-seeded community lending pools. Website:
Financial regulatory reform will work -- or fail -- depending on the rules written this year.
Bio: Youth pastor and organizer with Neighborhood Ministries in Phoenix, Arizona Website:
To prevent future food-price bubbles, the world must stop gambling on hunger.
The award-winning environmental ministry of Haygood United Methodist Church in Atlanta got started in 2007, when the climate gave congregant and stay-at-home mom Willa Paton-Smith a wake-up call.
Give the global-South anti-corruption activist a fighting chance.
Bio: Author of The Hip-Hop Church; Senior pastor of
Because there are so many different facets of social justice, there’s no one formula for picking a school that values it.
Alvera Mickelson, a graduate of Wheaton College, recalls the days when women in ministry was not a controversial topic, but rather an accepted practice.
Troubled assets on Main Street.
Bio: Founder and CEO, Northern California Urban Development ( Blog: 
In March, the Obama administration appointed J. Scott Gration as the U.S. special envoy to Sudan.
Stories from the global South about how global warming is already harming people in poor nations, and suggestions for how to respond.
In a society that glorifies thinness and individualism, the occurrence of eating disorders has risen sharply. How can Christians help heal broken minds and bodies if we idolize those same values?
In What to Do If Someone at Your Church Has an Eating Disorder, from the God's Politics bl
Evangelist Charlotte Keys and the 'Jesus People' she organized took on a global corporation to save a small town.
Charlotte Keys, an evangelist, Columbia native, and founder of Jesus People Against Pollution, a group dedicated to environmental justice for the people of Columbia, spoke with Sojourners
Classic books on science fiction and spirituality.
A three-day event features prayer, worship, and a call to put faith into action.
The dramatic rise in world food prices has pushed millions into poverty. Here's a look at 10 factors--from agrofuel production to rising meat and dairy consumption--that have contributed to this preventable crisis.
Bush administration amnesia spells disaster for Darfur.
Don't buy the corporate agrofuel greenwash.
How to stop fueling the agribusiness model.
Understanding the perils and promise of international trade. Includes Web Exclusive: List of additional readings and resources.
Three factors that are invisible to market fundamentalists.
Trade technocrats try to hide behind a veil of boring, but you can get beyond the jargon.
• Write your members of Congress to demand that they not renew the president's "fast track" authority on trade agreements, which ties Congress's hands by allowing it only to approv
The 18th and 19th century movement to abolish slavery, with its many Christian leaders, has much to teach us.
An interview with South Africa's Anglican Archbishop Njonkulu Ndungane on Oprah, AIDS, and how Christians are battling international debt.