The Common Good

Articles By Danny Duncan Collum

In the past two years, the culture wars have been complicated on the Right by the rise of the "tea party." In a time of grave economic crisis and massive government action, the traditional right-wi
Here's some 2010 midterm election commentary ripped straight from the headlines -- of 1886.
For a while it looked like the battle for "Net neutrality" was won when President Obama appointed his own chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
It happens every summer. Newsmakers go on vacation, real news gets slow, and novelty stories rush in to fill the vacuum. One summer it's child abductions; the next it's shark attacks.
The Main Reason: They upend the power structure to give people at the bottom a better chance.
A school claims video games help students learn to "manage complexity." But will they understand culture?
Lit: A Memoir, by Mary Karr. HarperCollins.
Let's just call the Music City deluge a naturally occurring metaphor.
A titanic struggle is being waged over the future of the internet.
The man in black shows us how to die.
Will one-fourth of our citizenry be left in the digital ditch?
I have a relative up in the Rust Belt who owns a small machine tool company and watches Fox News.
My oldest child is applying to colleges, so there’s been a lot of talk around my house this year about the underlying purpose and real value of education.
Was Jack Kerouac a keeper of visions or a self-destructive individualist?
Our politically mad times.
Capitalism: A Love Story examines a "filthy, rotten system."
Creating a better world first requires an act of imagination.
Vacation Bible Schools isn't nearly as bad as, say, the Inquisition.
Two multimedia projects see Africa as the planet's musical heart and soul.
Smart people concocted a fantasy empire based on investing in other people’s debt.
When I began writing this column back in 1985, my page could hold up to 1,000 words. Over the years that number has shrunk, first to 800, then 700.
Can a government-subsidized press save democracy?
The future of Appalachia -- and the planet -- depends on unseating King Coal.
Major record labels haven't adapted to the wired age -- and they're losing.
Does the Obama era herald a post-racial United States?
Will President Obama deliver on his promises of media reform?
Can Obama move us past the culture wars of the last 40 years?
Fred Rogers, the creator and host of the children?s TV show, Mister Rogers?
Saving a Kentucky community and its culture, one kid at a time.
For 500 years, Western culture, for better or worse, was formed by its books.
When we separate pleasure from responsibility, we defy nature at our own risk.
Christian conservatives aim for—and hit—the mainstream sweet spot.
The pope challenges U.S. individualism and materialism.
The Drive-By Truckers capture "the cruel radiance of what is."
In the coming technological revolution, will there be space for the common good?
Does economic growth depend on consumer spending?
Tapping the reservoirs of church and community.
The media reform movement comes of age.
White-collar life in the information age.
The Carolina Chocolate Drops keep an America tradition alive.
Ideology, without love, is worse than nothing.
When Michael Moore’s documentary about the U.S. health care system, Sicko, opened in theaters last June, I wasn’t feeling too well myself.
Corporate fixes lead to corporate control.
It's time to bring fairness back to the nation's airwaves.
Singing the songs of a bygone world.
The Southern soul - and community - of Stax Records.
The mainstream media's blind spot on "free trade."
Now playing near you: A global monoculture.
These are the anti-megachurches.
Everday low prices are part of our American birthright. Right?