The Common Good

Articles By Celeste Kennel-Shank

The affordable health-care act is already saving lives.
Why national flags don't belong in church.
Churches Supporting Churches gets congregations into partnership -- and policy.
Chicago's Wilbur Wright College helps workers turn blue collars to green.
Christians opposed to research on human embryos are hoping a new technique will allow scientists to produce stem cells without destroying embryos.
The difficulty - and necessity - of finding a middle ground on stem cells.
Finding sanctuary in a Chicago storefront church.
Beginning with churches near the coalfields, more than 750 local and national religious leaders have put forth “A Call for Justice at Peabody Energy” that backs miners seeking to organi
Since 2004, a diverse group of religious leaders, reproductive rights advocates, and medical professionals have met to talk about sex.
Connecting creativity and spirituality, the Reciprocity Foundation, a Brooklyn, New York-based gift and design organization, steers homeless youth toward careers in the design, media, and fashion i
Complete with play money, appliance cards, and transportation passes, the Community Action Poverty Simulation is much like a role play or board game.
How consumers and farm workers together can make a better meal.
After unanimous votes in Congress, President Bush signed into law in early January the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2005, drawing praise from human rights and religious g
What do you get when you mix punk rockers with senior citizens?
The nonprofit status of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California, is being challenged by the Internal Revenue Service because of a sermon in which parishioners were asked to imagine a moment at a time.
When Hurricane Stan hit the Gulf of Mexico last October, it deluged Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras before losing its power.
Southside Presbyterian Church, Tucson.
A Nicaraguan church helps its community build for the future.
The difference that fair trade makes.
Integrating justice in all fields of study.
A school system cannot hope to solve school violence simply by increasing security.
A 15-year-old activist fights against child abuse.