The Common Good

Articles By Bill McKibben

We're like the bad babysitter who takes the 2-year-old out for a tattoo and some piercings. 
Churches are profiting from desecration like this—and every time they look into the account books they should tremble. 
Now that the Rockefellers have divested, what excuse does anyone else have? 
Hunkering down is deeply attractive, but we have work to do first. 
We stood by as our addiction to fossil fuel ran Genesis in reverse.
We need to show that the zeitgeist is changing, and that there's a steep price for fooling us.
An "all of the above" policy is in fact no policy at all.
The president has sought to placate the rich, powerful fossil fuel industry.
This kind of neutrality is like defending the right of poor and rich alike to sleep beneath bridges.
You can't hide this kind of debacle forever—people are finding out.
No one wants to spend summer vacation in the clink, but that's where a lot us are going to find ourselves.
We can see in our mind's eye all the generations to come, and so we know why we fight.
Who speaks for God? Must be this guy...
Superstorm Sandy left behind an indelible image of the future.
You can have a healthy fossil-fuel industry or a healthy planet, but you can't have both.
What explains our moral leaders' mealy-mouthed silence on climate change?
Subsidizing coal is like finding that beer-drinking college student and paying him to sit in a bar all day and night—it’s not just unnecessary, it’s ludicrous.
Corporations want to store up treasure on earth — that's their whole, entire, complete, and utter point.
There are many things they seemed to hold in common, not least an instinctive nonviolence, contrasting so sharply with the police, who so often let the logic of force drive their actions (they found out, as often in history, that the logic that works with criminals doesn’t really apply to idealists).
The real work has been done for years by indigenous leaders on both sides of the border.
This may be the largest use of civil disobedience yet around global warming.
Fracking is just one more way to keep from coming to terms with our addiction to fossil fuel.
The fossil fuel industry is the main impediment to real change. Why? Because they are making money. Exxon made more money in 2009 than any company in the history of money.
We need to clear the polluted political air before we'll have a real chance to clear the actual atmosphere.
Nonviolent civil disobedience has been a less effective tactic in this country in the past few decades for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is probably that our woes are more complicated than in an earlier age.
The summer's weather can safely be described as biblical, in the sense that newspaper writers generally use the word -- that is, loud, scary, and dangerous.
We're heading in a direction "not compatible with the planet to which life on earth is adapted."
If there is one commodity we should think about collectively, it's water.
Reason wasn't enough. Power will decide, as power usually does.
The witness of Denmark.
I am writing these words on the train from Zurich to Geneva, looking up from my keyboard to see snowcapped mountains hanging over the lake.
Winning can be nearly as hard as losing. Everything changed for the American environmental movement with Barack Obama’s victory.
The next step for the climate change movement.
The fight against global warming will require a movement full of fire and prayer. That movement has begun...
No politician seriously believes that Americans are willing to deal with global warming. Is it too late to prove them wrong?
How could anyone have gotten so out of touch with physical reality?