The Common Good

Articles By Ed Spivey Jr.

The wise man built his house upon the rock.
Since Sojourners is a bimonthly magazine, you depend on us to cover the breaking news, with up-to-the-minute commentary on hot stories like Afghanistan which, by the time you read this, should be well on its way to becoming an independent democracy.
Those of you in the hinterlands—when you’re not taking care of your hinter—are probably wondering what life is like now in Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital...
This has been a year of major milestones for our family, not the least of which was the realization that I might finally be allowed to use our bathroom.
Don't know much about history. Obviously.
It's not a matter of who's wrong or right, unless Santa somehow gets involved.
Why shouldn't kids be allowed to have their fun, for gosh sakes?
It's no surprise that humans are smarter than roundworms. Well, most humans, anyway.
I was either having a major cardiac event or was standing in a pool of water being repeatedly struck by lightning.
At press time our nation hung in the balance.
Because our oldest daughter absolutely refuses to join the Merchant Marines after high school, she made me drive through New England this summer looking at prospective colleges.
In just a few short months you'll wake up on a crisp Tuesday after the first Monday in November and do your part to dramatically affect the course of history.
There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to begin a sentence with a really bad cliche. This is one of those times. You see, words are not coming easy to me these days.
I am personally against dogs having credit cards.
The breakfast table was covered with birthday cards decoratively labeled "50," which meant somebody in our home had crossed the half-century mark. But who?
Congratulations to Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic for winning the United Nations’ prestigious First War Criminal Still In Office award.
In the end, a paean to Life.
"What a waste it is to lose one’s mind. Or, not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is." Tough words from a tough man. The man: Dan Quayle. The words: I have no idea.
Or did you think Y2K was another Calvin Klein perfume, the kind promoted by pouty models who look like all they want from life is more heroin?
The global economy is in shambles, the presidency is in crisis, and Americans are struggling under the weight of a broken health care system. But hey, I've got my own problems.
Film stardom is an elusive dream for most, including even yours truly, whom many have credited with talents well-suited for the big screen.
Morning in Washington, D.C.
Jury duty is one of those responsibilities of citizenship that reminds us that the American justice system is the best in the world.
Our cover feature points out the importance of rituals that young men need to prepare them for responsible adulthood, not including the time your mother made you wear a bow tie for Dress-Up Day a
It's February and so far you haven't kept a single New Year's resolution, have you? Not even the one about setting aside a special time to write in your journal.
Whew! I was afraid it was hereditary, since my grandfather on my mother’s side had a cousin who looked like a pool cue.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NAFTA) has finally revealed which of the three astronauts was responsible for most of the trouble on board the space station Mir.
Helllloooooooooo!" That’s what I shouted over the Grand Canyon when we first pulled up. You have to do that. It’s the law.
This issue of Sojourners is sponsored by the good folks at Procter & Gamble, makers of a respected line of consumer products, including their popular fat substitute, Olestra...
I saw God the other day at the supermarket.
The phone call came as it does to many parents at some point in the growing-up years of their children. Colleen had fallen off the jungle gym at school, and could I please pick her up?
I confess that on Election Day this past November I didn't vote my conscience or my pocketbook.
Hammering down the non-conformist in Harriet the Spy.
American democracy is the envy of the world. And millions of us will wake up on election day and realize just how lucky we are before deciding not to vote.
Primary season mercifully draws to a close...
After finally digging out from the 27 inches of snow that fell on the nation's capital-a city founded on a simple democratic principle: "What's a snowplow?"
Oops. Actually our 25th anniversary issue is coming up later this fall. I just forgot. I've been forgetting a lot lately since I'm getting older and...what was I saying?
By now you're probably pretty tired of reading about money and politics, and all the other serious stuff we've packed into this thought-provoking 100-page issue.
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"Clothe yourselves with humility toward one another."
Recently, some spots on my face were diagnosed not as the distinctive markings of a rare intellect-which I had assumed them to be-but as a precancerous skin malady.
Recently, some spots on my face were diagnosed not as the distinctive markings of a rare intellect-which I had assumed them to be-but as a precancerous skin malady.
A new day has dawned in our country. Unfortunately, that day is some time in the 1950s.
It started with the kind of silence that makes a parent sit bolt upright in his bed; an unnatural awakening, a feeling of something wrong.
People don’t always say what they mean (I meant to say that). And this past summer brought several examples of the daily "little white lies" we tell each other.