The Common Good

Articles By Ed Spivey Jr.

Which sounds better, President Newt or President Mitt?
Just try to play the violin under a low-hanging ceiling fan.
It was a year to remember. (Do we have to?)
Detroit: Our top story today is the recall of 7.4 million sport utility vehicles after General Motors technicians discovered they consume unconscionably high quantities of fuel.
Welcoming al Qaeda's dynamic new leader in Iraq.
Elvis was perhaps our greatest English speaker.
Anyone in this country illegally should leave. But first...
One man's personal quagmire, and it has nothing to do with Iraq.
Space in al Qaeda?
Today's toddler, in his front-facing carrier, thinks he can fly.
Apparently, 'a-wassailing' means 'meeting with my lawyers.'
Keeping an 'eye on Washington' in this crucial election year.
This Christmas, avoid the partridge in the pear tree. If it sneezes.
FEMA has announced a bold new initiative: Third Responders.
Ever notice how the great novels tend to be really long?
What if Jesus had professional consultants?
My feeble attempts at Spanish were complicated by the idiomatic peculiarities of the language.
John Bolton again failed to win.
Our troubled world needs young people. And their iPods.
A way to save Social Security, Medicare and Lockheed Martin.
Clearly, Rumsfeld's critics never had their own secret army.
Fortunately, social structures are well established. If you're cool.
We're talking about REAL science, important science.
I'm the one usually throwing things at the TV.
I'd miss the good old days, but they were before my time.
We'll miss much about the election season. Or not.
I've always wanted a lawyer. I have a plumber, but it's not the same.
Funerals need to be a little more balanced, with time for rebuttal.
It's that special season again.
I pulled dramatically into the office parking lot, turned off the ignition and coasted to a stop, the powerful engine reluctantly emitting its final throaty rumble.
As we enter the heart of the political season and brace ourselves for the spectacle of two grown men competing for the favor of a nation...
This being our special issue on the environment, I must preface my remarks about wanting to strangle the squirrel in my bedroom wall...
The Bible has one problem: They left out half the good stuff.
As I begin my 30th year at Sojourners, it seems appropriate to take a modest look back at the enormous impact I have had on the magazine...
Without guns, one cannot shoot things, where would that leave us?
Israel's wall of separation.
'Set small goals, and then put them off for as long as you can.'
It's morning in Iraq, or, depending on your time zone, afternoon. Then again, it could be late at night, and you're wondering where the day went.
What would Jesus do? Turn the police horses into bunnies.
Remember the TV commercial where a man is walking down a dark city street and nervously glances back at two shadowy figures?
Filmmaker Michael Moore loves to pick at the sores of America's self-delusions, and he's really good at it.
As our nation prepares for war against—depending on the mood of the president—al Qaeda, Iraq, or unnecessarily big words (such as "civil liberties"), it is a sober time in America.
Why can't really scary diseases have really scary and obvious symptoms?
Those of you just back from vacation might need a quick reminder about the state of the world. It's not good.
When Sojourners' CultureWatch editor asked me to write about my "favorite things," I gave a quick "Sure!"
Some readers have complained that this column has become too personal, too focused on my being a great father, an award-winning art director, and a god-like figure to the rest of the staff.
The wise man built his house upon the rock.