The Common Good

Articles By Lynne Hybels

The Za'atari refugee camp is the fourth largest city in Jordan.
I wish I could end the war ravaging your country.
These desperately poor children are sacrificed to the sex trade's insatiable hunger.
For years, Charlene's face haunted me and compelled me to action.
"The alternative—not having negotiations—is guaranteed to fail."
We need to hear more about the people committed to peace.
How small my world gets when I'm not paying attention.
We're seeing a slow but sustainable transformation of cultural attitudes toward gender and sex.
Wherever I go in the world, I want to be quick to listen to differing perspectives and slow to pick sides.
"We've been caught up in conflict and violence for so long." —Congolese pastor
"That's just like my mom, to send me a message through a Jewish woman!"
Few people I know believe peace in the Holy Land is really possible—unless it begins with Israeli and Palestinian Christians.
"Do you invest it in revenge, or do you think creatively?”
I'm grateful to the men who use their power, money, and influence on behalf of women.
Around the world, religious freedom is under threat -- but people of faith continue to reach across divides.
There is a light in me now, and it is taking over the darkness.
A club owner in Chicago can pick up the phone and "mail-order" three girls from Eastern Europe.
Six Christian women from an evangelical church in Texas invited six Jewish women from a local synagogue and six Muslim women from a local mosque to form a cooking club.
In February 2009, I attended a conference in Egypt taught by Arab Christians from throughout the Middle East.
In the DRC, soldiers use women's bodies as a battlefield.
I am still pro-Israel, but I've also become pro-Palestinian.
Every single member of God's family is as important to God as you are.