The Common Good

Articles By Beth Newberry

The new Louisville Loan Club is a way to protect people from the shark pool of payday lenders.
Your congregation—large or small—has more to invest than you might expect.
A small congregation in Kentucky demonstrates how your church may have more money—and power—than you think.
Stream of Conscience, by 2/3 Goat
Ben Harper is known for songs that are either personal or political, and in Lifeline, his latest release with the Innocent Criminals, the songs embody both.
With fierce faith, Julia Bonds works to save the land and people of West Virginia.
In the spring of 2000, a sold-out crowd of volunteers and union organizers, parents and students, hourly wage earners and salaried policy wonks, mohawks and buzz cuts, Latino and black...
The Executioner's Last Songs sounds a murderous note against the death penalty
The members of her New Orleans church call her "Sister Shocked." She's the Ms. Shocked who sued the Mercury record label under the 13th amendment—that's the anti-slavery amendment...