The Common Good

Articles By Susannah Hunter

While the U.S. government condemns the weapons programs of impoverished nations such as Iraq and North Korea, it remains a world leader in the production and sale of small arms...
Would you be willing to pay a fourth of a penny more for your chalupa if it meant that farm workers could earn a living wage?
Never one to miss out on market share, Mattel's Girls Division has added "Quinceañera Barbie" as their first "Hispanic-tradition" theme doll. 
"Thank you for your letter expressing concern about the use of Abbott's sodium thiopental in capital punishment procedures."
26: St. Stephen's Day: Give to the poor all that you don't need.
James A. Corbett, 1933-2001
Pram Time. Fifteen nonviolent demonstrators, including four children, occupied the Colombian consulate in Sydney, Australia, in August...
The Navy's Blue Angels have used 5.5 trillion gallons of kerosene-based jet fuel for training alone. New Yorkers used 2.2 billion gallons of kerosene in 1997 to stay warm.
Folks in Midland, Texas, are fed up with slavery and they aren't going to take it anymore.
Americans are looking for socially responsible corporations, but many corporations haven't yet caught on.
The faith-based anti-globalization movement is learning some new words.
The Christian Information Service in Croatia has published a small but powerful book titled RefuJesus. Author and activist Boris Peterlin meditates on Jesus in today's refugee camps.
A year of voluntary service has become a rite of passage for thousands of socially conscious young Christians.
When a University of California campus saw a marked increase in date rape, an unlikely alliance emerged. 
An individual's right to refuse active military service on the grounds of conscience is a "fundamental aspect of the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion..."
Truth commissions have brought to light atrocities in South Africa, El Salvador, and elsewhere across the globe. But some feel such hearings are needed closer to home.
This spring 14 undocumented Mexican immigrants died from prolonged exposure to extreme heat in the Arizona desert.
St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church turned the tables on hate-monger Fred Phelps in May when Phelps brought 10 of his followers to protest the ordination of Anita Hill, a lesbian pastor.
Two-Edged. In a national effort to disarm all fighting units in Sierra Leone, the U.N. destroyed nearly 10,000 firearms in a month-long amnesty period. 
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has decided that breaking the law can be a Christian duty.
One of America's greatest strengths is our diversity of faith traditions. New research suggests we're getting stronger every day.
At the Faithdome in South Central Los Angeles in May, one of the most dynamic religious movements in the world was out in full force...
Looking for more information on U.S. drug policy? 
On the front lines with Christian Peacemaker Teams
When humanitarian intervention sends in the troops, it’s not usually a laughing matter.
The Un-Chained Gang Motorcycle Ministry is a nondenominational outreach program of born-again outlaw bikers in Bloomington, Indiana. Members take a vow of nonviolence for the sake of Jesus.
Protesters anywhere have a legitimate case to make, as long as it’s not made with violence.
When a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency survey found that one out of every 10 people in Baltimore is a drug addict, Methodist pastor Tim Warner decided enough was enough.
"Curse Free TV" is a new invention that automatically filters out profanity and other offensive language in television programming.
Israeli Rabbi Arik Ascherman of Rabbis for Human Rights, who was arrested this spring for blocking a bulldozer that was in the act of demolishing a Palestinian home in the West Bank. 
Cross Talk. As part of a cultural exchange initiated by the Mennonite Central Committee, Evelyn and Wallace Schellenberger are moving to Qom, Iran. To prepare they met with Dr. 
A recent survey of political involvement by black churches, conducted by Morehouse College’s "Public Influences of African-American Churches Project"...
Elizabeth Iguago came to the United States from Ecuador to work for an IMF official.
$446.3 billion "social cost" of driving in 2000* (18 cents/mile)
Twenty-nine years after the fact, U.K.
What can you do about youth violence?  
There is a new ad campaign hitting the national media called "Sex Has Consequences." 
"Computer science is the best instrument of history to release man's creativity...
Hours after the Scottish Royal Navy announced that its fourth Trident nuclear-armed submarine—the HMS Vengeance—had entered service, 373 protesters were arrested in the largest-ever dem
The first-ever sacred pre-paid phone card series is available from Siesta Telecom Inc. 
Nike now lets you personalize your shoes by submitting a word or phrase the company will stitch beneath the swoosh.
Kris Parker, better known as hip-hop legend KRS-One (which stands for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone), left his job at Warner Bros.
Aventis CropScience. Put genetically altered and EPA unapproved "Star Link" corn in Taco Bell brand taco shells; at least 44 people became ill.
During the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, the Swiss border patrol prevented Naomi Klein's anti-corporate bestseller No Logo from entering the country. Apparently those little ca 
Christians who dip their bread in the common Communion cup for fear of diseases are far more likely to get the common cold than those who sip.
Want to learn about trade laws for small businesses in Tanzania? Or buy lovely handcrafted mugs for your church volunteers? 
Most Americans support a global initiative to combat hunger in poor countries and even would be willing to help pay for it, according to a new poll by the Program on International Policy Attitudes. 
"Uncharted Waters" is a new Mars Hill Audio report exploring the social, economic, and moral costs of casino gambling on the small town of Tunica, Mississippi.
Convicted murderer and gang leader Stanley "Tookie" Williams has been nominated for the 2001 Nobel Prize for Peace.
According to the United Nations, one child in four lives in an unstable, often violent, environment. The World Council of Churches is determined to change those statistics-one city at a time.