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Various campaigns have adopted the tactic of divestment to compel action toward a safer, more just, and more sustainable world. Does it work? 
Ibeyi by XL Recordings / The Collected Sermons of Walter Bruggemann, Volume 2 by Westminster John Knox / And The Word Became Color: Exploring the Bible with Paper, Pen, and Paint by Debby Topliff / Faith Forward Volume 2: Re-imagining Children's Youth Ministry by CopperHouse
In recognition of National Poetry Month’s “Poetry in Our Pocket Day,” and in celebration of Sojourners’ historical love of poetry, our staff selected some favorite poems below. 
Peaceful Neighbor: Discovering the Countercultural Mister Rogers by Michael G. Long / The Mask You Live In by Representation Project / Undivided: A Muslim Daughter, Her Christian Mother, Their Path to Peace by Patricia Raybon / Leave Some Things Behind by the Steel Wheels 
A video depicting the social responses to boycotts during the civil rights? 
Black Messiah by D'Angelo / Faith: Essays From Believers, Agnostics, and Atheists edited by Victoria Zackheim / "Waiting for Fahd," from the Center for Constitutional Rights / Christ Actually: The Son of God for the Secular Age by James Carroll
Photos depicting Gail Taylor's urban farming project at Three Part Harmony Farm. 
Links to Elisabetta Piqué’s interviews with Pope Francis. 
A trailer for Water Everlasting?
Video on Obama's Executive Action.
Witnessing: Prophecty, Politics, and Wisdom;edited by Maria Clara Bingemer and Peter Casarella / Forward Together: A Moral Message by Chalice Press / Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist by David Hartsough / The Salt of the Earth directed by Wim Wendres and Juliano Salgado.
Videos of people of several religious backgrounds expressing their faith. 
A video depicting the church. 
A video giving voice to the misunderstood in the Muslim community. 
A video giving voice to the homeless of San Francisco. 
A video on the audience reaction of protestors at the St. Louis Symphony. 
A video performance by musical artist Parker Millsap. 
A video on the way trees and plants communicate. 
The deep roots of the land need deep roots of stewardship.
Memphis Teacher Residency believes that "urban education is the single greatest social justice and civil rights issue in America today."
Join the People's Climate March in New York City on September 21, 2014.
Comedian John Oliver on how economic inequality is killing the American dream.
Why is the Good News Club threatening children with hellfire and damnation?
A study guide for engaging Muslim-Christian relations.
Catholic social teaching's influence on various organizations.
Daneil Beaty performs “Knock Knock,” a powerful poem that tells the story of his father’s incarceration.
A slideshow of the rebuilding efforts in Tacloban City, Philippines, in the wake of Haiyan.
Matthew Vines sits down with Sojourners to discuss his first book, God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships.
Musician Nicole C. Mullen and theologian Ellen F. Davis articulate the goodness of God in their own unique ways.
Follow the gripping story of a young girl taken from her home and placed into foster care.
Select works by our dear friend and colleague Elizabeth Palmberg. 
Ched Myers, Sara Stratton, Chris Grataski, and Sasha Adkins describe how they are connected to their local watersheds.
The SOLD Project's hopeful vision to end human trafficking.
On a cold day this past February, seminary student Sara Wolcott boarded a bus in New York to attend the Moral March in North Carolina 
Create your own memorial prayer altar in remembrance of those you love and will never forget.
The Moral Mondays model seems to be spreading.
What is a watershed? And why does it matter?
What does it take to educate and parent African-American children, all while maintaining family values?
Rev. Joy Carroll Wallis, one of the first women ordained in the Church of England, is the real-life vicar of Dibley.
The United States maintains 33,400 beds and spends nearly $2 billion a year on the detention of immigrants under the dubious banner of "security."   
In remembrance of Pete Seeger
For some veterans, PTSD rages on as "the war within."
Nadia Bolz-Weber, pastor of the House of All Sinners and Saints in Denver, Colo., talks to CNN.
If you think it’s impossible to change evangelicals’ views on climate change, think again. 
As the federal minimum wage stagnates at $7.25 an hour, many states have taken the lead to raise wages on their own. Where does your state stand? 
Pope Francis' recently named 19 new cardinals—half of which hail from non-European countries—to serve the Roman Catholic Church.
Indigenous American leaders speak out against the Washington NFL team’s mascot.
In La Puya, Guatemala, Christian community members are nonviolently standing up against gold and silver mining companies.
Yousef Bashir's remarkable story of reconciliation.