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Music for the journey
Books to stir your mind, heart, and soul.
The t's were crossed and i's dotted for this issue with our special focus on books and music when Hurricane Katrina roared into the Gulf Coast stringing houses, cars, and boats together like so ma
After more than a dozen years at the corner of Chapin and 15th Streets NW, Sojourners is moving to another location in Washington, D.C.
When it comes to faith, politics, and culture (three of our favorite topics here at Sojourners), the public discussion too often seems to shrink down big ideas and complex life to simple, narrow
Our culture here in the United States has definite bipolar tendencies: On one hand we're encouraged to want--and to purchase--more, more, more. More food, more entertainment, more stuff.
Sometimes the most important stories are hidden in plain view.
West Virginia activist Julia Bonds has been interviewed many times, especially after winning the 2003 Goldman Environmental Prize.
Our life around the Sojourners office has changed in the past several months.
In this issue Rich Preheim profiles Christian Peacemaker Teams and the organization's recently retired first director, Gene Stoltzfus.
Words can provide rest, create change, and bring new life to our inner and outer worlds. Developing this special issue has given us a wonderful reminder of that.
The upcoming presidential election still looms large in our work.
As we wrapped up this issue, summer was taking its final stroll into autumn. But like many people, we've been focusing for some time on the fall and the very important Election Day we're facing.
Our travel fund for editorial staff is fairly modest.
Our cover feature by veteran journalist Bill Moyers is an adaptation of the keynote speech he delivered to a standing-room-only crowd at Call to Renewal's Pentecost 2004 event.
Thousands of teens are learning directly from Nobel Peace laureates about working for peace through PeaceJam, an eight-year-old education-and-action program.
For many years we've talked about interviewing environmental and culture essayist Wendell Berry.
This is not the annual Mother’s Day issue of Sojourners (we’ve never had such an issue).
Associate editor Rose Marie Berger joined a January delegation to Venezuela organized by Marie Dennis of the Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns.
Our interns keep us going at Sojourners. This is not just idle praise; it is gospel truth.
Care of the environment has long been an issue of great importance to our readers.
Best-selling writer Philip Yancey has described himself as at times a reluctant Christian, plagued by doubts and 'in recovery' from bad church encounters.
An interview with British member of Parliament Clare Short on just war, Jesus, and the importance of telling the truth.
Perhaps you have noticed that this issue of Sojourners has fewer pages than usual (if you hadn't noticed, take our word for it). No, we're not trying to short-sheet you.
The presence of CIA employees - even former ones - in our offices is not a frequent occurrence, as far as we know.
In this issue Jim Wallis examines apparent recent shifts in President George W. Bush's theological framework and how those shifts may spur or sustain dangerous politics.
An end-times glossary.
In early March Sojourners hosted a daylong roundtable on faith, art, and activism.
A conservative Republican asks: What would happen if there were no profit in drugs?
By the time you read this, the snow in Washington, D.C., will have melted, we think.
Catholic peace activist Philip Berrigan died in December, only a few months after he was diagnosed with cancer.
We began work on this issue in autumn, an especially strange and fearful autumn around our Washington, D.C. home.
Alcatraz is Not an Island is a powerful documentary (which airs Nov. 7 on PBS)
The Gathering of Spirits, by Carrie Newcomer.
A Discussion Guide for November-December 2002 Sojourners
End the Nuclear Danger
Saddam Hussein with nuclear weapons would be a real threat.
A Discussion Guide for September-October 2002 Sojourners
'Nonviolent resistance isn't about making a point, it's about taking power." Even many people who believe deeply in nonviolence might be taken aback by the bluntness of such a statement.
How will the global community develop sustainable social structures for an aging population?
No, the "Battle for Seattle' wasn't the Yankees-Mariners series.
If I Had A...Crayon