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An end-times glossary.
In early March Sojourners hosted a daylong roundtable on faith, art, and activism.
A conservative Republican asks: What would happen if there were no profit in drugs?
By the time you read this, the snow in Washington, D.C., will have melted, we think.
Catholic peace activist Philip Berrigan died in December, only a few months after he was diagnosed with cancer.
We began work on this issue in autumn, an especially strange and fearful autumn around our Washington, D.C. home.
Alcatraz is Not an Island is a powerful documentary (which airs Nov.
The Gathering of Spirits, by Carrie Newcomer.
A Discussion Guide for November-December 2002 Sojourners
End the Nuclear Danger
Saddam Hussein with nuclear weapons would be a real threat.
A Discussion Guide for September-October 2002 Sojourners
'Nonviolent resistance isn't about making a point, it's about taking power." Even many people who believe deeply in nonviolence might be taken aback by the bluntness of such a statement.
How will the global community develop sustainable social structures for an aging population?
No, the "Battle for Seattle' wasn't the Yankees-Mariners series.
If I Had A...Crayon
A Discussion Guide for July-August 2002 Sojourners
We are an ecumenical publication (with nearly as many denominational and nondenominational affiliations floating around as we have staff people).
A Discussion Guide for May-June 2002 Sojourners
It might seem that "globalization" didn't exist before the widely publicized protests in Seattle during the November 1999 WTO meetings.
Young Christians are pushing the edges of faith. Here's a glimpse into the hearts and dreams of a few of them, in their own words.
A Discussion Guide for March-April 2002 Sojourners
At times we've discussed running articles on "pastoring in boom and bust"-about the different challenges that arise for pastors depending on how their congregations are being affected by economic t
The times are strange and uncertain. So we are responding the same way we would at any other time: By searching our souls, with the assistance of Kathleen Norris and Richard Rohr, OFM.
Friends of Sojourners embraced, sang, laughed, and prayed for four days last July in celebration of our first 30 years.
Like the rest of America, we were dazed and shattered by the events of Tuesday morning, Sept. 11.
This issue of Sojourners marks our 30th anniversary (yes, Sojourners is older than some of our staff-it's even older than some of the leftovers in our office refrigerator).
Sojourners board meetings are important to those of us on staff for a number of reasons.
Reading to provoke, perplex, and please.
Winter brought far-flung trips for Sojourners staffers. Rose Marie Berger traveled to Colombia with Witness for Peace to learn about the front lines of the drug war there.
The best art bears truth-personal, communal, or both.
We've "renovated" [our print version] and you're invited to check out every nook and cranny. We are excited about the colorful new presentation, fresh layout, and debut offerings.
The caption on page 28 of our September-October 2000 issue failed to identify Sister Bernadette Kenny, MMM, who has worked with St.
Full disclosure must be made: Cheryl and Ralph Broetje once sent us a box of apples after a visit to our office.
The Internet has made hate groups highly visible, completely anonymous, and available to a potentially limitless audience.
New books worthy of note
Millions of people died in the slave trade. African AIDS deaths will soon exceed those horrendous numbers. The future of the continent isn't all that's at stake.
A rag-tag movement of churches, development organizations, and trade unions, sprinkled with the fairy dust of celebrities like U2's Bono and Muhammed Ali, got Jubilee 2000 off the ground and running.
In the new millennium, faith will be known by action. We need to break through the individualistic and privatized approach to spirituality and reconnect with real community.
What's good for General Motors---and other megacorporations---isn't necessarily good for the rest of us.
From hip hop to Howard Thurman, From the well-known to the obscure, we did the reading for you (really, it was our pleasure)
Assistant editor Rose Marie Berger traveled to Bosnia and Kosovo in July as part of a pilgrimage led by Don McClanen, founder of an organization called Ministry of Money.
SOME THINGS come through planning. We planned to excerpt Ron Sider's forthcoming book Just Generosity, and for Jim Wallis to interview Harvard sociologist William Julius Wilson.
Excerpt from statement on Kosovo by Sojourners and other religious leaders
Technology, of course, is a mixed blessing. But especially for those working in difficult and far-flung situations, e-mail can be vital for much more than relaying the latest office humor.
Our lead CultureWatch piece is a profile of writer Anne Lamott, who some would consider, at least on sight, to be an unlikely evangelist.
Hurricane Mitch already spurred us to publish one commentary ("A Mature Compassion," by Marvin Rees, January-February 1999).