The Common Good

Articles By Vincent Harding

King's "living letter" from Birmingham jail still speaks to us all.
Many people who were hopeful for change in the wake of Barack Obama's election have become disillusioned by the rancorous politics of the last few years. What does it take to sustain the struggle for justice over the long haul?
Why do so many try to lighten the impact of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech?
An open letter from a civil rights elder to President Obama.
Seventeen activists and church leaders talk about the disciplines that keep them girded for the struggle.
Song leader and scholar Bernice Johnson Reagon on what music teaches us about democracy, leadership, and the meaning of 'we.'
"You have not come to hear a detached, scholarly lecture about the two powerful figures who are on our program. I am deeply and unavoidably attached. Fully engaged.
Pilgrims on the Mall.
Democracy's history is one of perseverance.
When Ralph Ellison died this spring, he was primarily remembered and honored as the African-American writer who in 1952 had gifted the nation and the world with that magnificent novel, Invisib
Journeying toward the Promised Land.