The Common Good

Articles By Bob Hulteen

Wisconsin was just the first salvo of an all-out war on working people.
What's the sound of a policy wonk clapping? I don't know.
Big Brother gets literary
Definitional books come around about once a decade.
With friends like these, the tobacco industry is on the rebound.
An inordinate number of family members, friends, and friends’ family members have died in the last month.
Since its founding in 1994, the People of Faith Network has organized targeted campaigns to educate religious people about the conditions under which the clothes they buy are made.
During every presidential election since George McGovern's failed bid in 1972, I have argued that progressives could build a successful coalition and reassert authority.
Music has many functions, worship included. But one of its primary roles is its ability to move people.
Within the Christian tradition, rarely is a concept more misunderstood than prophecy. Unfortunately, this misinterpretation wreaks havoc on our society in the form of doomsday soothsayers, apocalyptic dreamers, and militant revolutionaries.
Will the good news become old news?
In 1977, the Church of England set out to modernize the Lord’s Prayer.
In Kevin Costner's new dystopic fantasy, The Postman, the future is bleak save for the responsible individualism of the director-star.
Did you survive the holidays?
Checking out the fall TV line-up, I was overwhelmed with nostalgia when I saw that the Walt Disney Co.
Liturgical seasons bring my life order: In them, as well as the growing seasons of Minnesota, I re-enact the drama of life and death.
When I close my eyes and think of Michael Jackson (who, by the way, is my age), I prefer to remember the 6-year-old of the Jackson 5, singing "ABC" or "I Want You Back." 
Strategies to end the civil rights movement in the '60.
Two March events consistently wreak havoc on my Lenten disciplines: the March Madness of NCAA men’s basketball and the annual Academy Awards ceremonies.
The Haymarket Square rebellion of 1886 was a watershed moment in the history of U.S. radicalism.
Working on the new Sojourners environmental resource, Holy Ground, I have examined a large body of works on environmental theology.
New calendars adorn office desks and kitchen walls. Daily organizers with pages still fresh, crisp, and clean fill breast pockets, backpacks, and briefcases.
For generations which begat generations, the Bible has been translated into the languages of the people. Soon to follow were commentaries to aid in interpretation.
Huey Long taught us that "all politics is personal."
For many in the Christian tradition, it's a common Lenten discipline to think about confession and complicity.
Theodore Ward's Hope for a Better Racial Future
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History you won't find in Pocahontas.
In the 1960s, the Fellowship of Reconciliation prepared a comic book about the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr.
The popular music world was abuzz in 1994 when a recording of music 15 centuries old (and recorded over the last two decades) ended up a big seller for the year.
Liberation theology, in its Catholic variant, encouraged communities of faith to find themselves in the scripture-to identify with the people of God in a different time and place...
Amidst the joy of celebrating the coming of the Child at Christmas, many of us are caught up in the bustle of holiday travels, shopping sprees, and plans to serve those less fortunate.
In 1967, two veteran Washington, D.C. police officers confronted a slender African-American man crossing a street...
MINNEAPOLIS-An early hint of the Christian Right's resurgence in electoral politics came in the Minnesota spring caucuses.
1994 thus far has been a momentous summer.
Public relations people hope against hope to have their product hit the word-of-mouth circuit. Why?
The hottest subject in the religious book market these days is angels (though "souls" are quickly closing in). Angels are so hot that secular talk show hosts are taking note of the phenomenon.
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According to many political pundits—Left, Right, and Center—the era of battles over expanding opportunities and rights—be they civil, equal, or other—is nearly over. Over the
Many of us would say, if we were to be honest, that we think NBA basketball is of a higher ilk than monster-truck pulls.
Happy 10th, Utne Reader! It’s hard to believe I’ve seen that little perfect-bound mag tucked under friends’ arms for a decade now.
Debate over the relative merit of different Bible translations is so commonplace it is normally ignored but by a very few. Recently, however, ecclesiastic, and even secular, attention has been c
Good movies are often not easy to watch for progressive Christian-types. In films of lesser quality, the action and violence is an end in itself rather than a vehicle to drive the drama.
These are difficult days for those who argue that America is a homogenous culture built on European-Christian principles.
Battles over culture will, for the near future, become increasingly central to political debate in this country.